Sunday, September 24, 2006

after a year in SUAMS

last thursday (september 14th) we had our SUAMS AGM. with that, the 2005/06 committee of SUAMS have officially resigned our positions and hand it to the new generations.

oh, SUAMS is Sydney University Association for Malaysian Students, btw.

i joined SUAMS about exactly a year ago, when i was told by Jess to go for one of the committee nominations. not that i was really hesitant, but i did joined, just thinking that what's the harm of joining something new? at first, i felt really outcasted and i depended a lot on roy. and everytime i came back from any of the SUAMS events, i know that i had such a great time, but occasionally, i'll be bitching about some of my SUAMS colleagues to my housemates. i had always thought that, for some reasons of me being myself, i've been treated biassedly by some of the people there. but now, with utmost honesty, i felt that i had been too judgemental on some and certain aspects, that i came out with so many wrong and foolish perceptions.

but all in all, thanks to the 2005/06 committee board. one year passed, zzzapppp! just like that. and yes, i learn a lot while working with all these wonderful people. and i hope my teh tarik will be deeply missed! wow...what a personal achievements. so gratifying! i now know some of my strengths, and some of my wekanesses.

and to my favourite part, photos from that night. weel, just to recap. have fun!

azzy, faiz and i.

sofiah and i. the outgoing cultural directors. twas all the wayy fun working witya sof!

passing on the baton to the cultural protege, hui lyn!

and actually i have about 6-7 other photos to include in. but this stupid blogspot seems not to be able to accept more of my uploaded pictures. maybe i'll put some more when the system's back to normal pffttt...

and truly, after the end of something, it's not what you get from it that matters. it's what you become after it, that matters more. ok berbuka time! dah azan dah hooorayyyy!

u-film festival

ok i was gonna choose red for my fonts, as usual. but yamin told me to pick this colour (yucks!) hahahaa. anyway, i was supposed to blog about this ages ago. but, here comes my lame excuse, assignments has been taking over my time haha!
anyway, just to make another important shout out, we made it to the state finals for the U Film Festival! there were 12 finalists all together, and three awards up for grab. and our team 'the X Society' won one of the awards! gile ah how cool is that! i mean, we beat almost all of the aussie finalists! yeah yeah that's the asian spirit hahahaa!
anyway, here are some of the pics from that night:

the award that we won. pergghhhh serious mantap!

schmaddy and schmaya. the two person in the hood all the time. hehehe. JOIN US!! ngehngehngeh...

the night during the final round. syahmi and mamat

the joy of winning hahaha. erin and i weren't there dah. we left for dashboard confessionals concert hahaha...

the whole x-society crew. two thumbs up guys!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


i was at the SUAMS counter today, with edwin. june. mingyow. and. vonne. anyway people, you guys can still vote for the nominations in the incoming SUAMS committee. anyway, while i was there, i saw a few quotes, which i find to be very inspiring, and very fulfilling. i think these quotes has some really strong words, and i intend to share it with you people; people who care enough to read my blog ;)

"the highest reward for a person's job is not what they get for it, but what they become by it".

"quality is never an accident; it's always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. it represents the wise choices of many alternatives".
-will a. foster-

"the secret of happiness is not doing what one likes, but in liking what one does".
-james m. barrie-

"the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack knowledge, but rather in a lack of will (W.O.W!)".
-vincent t. lombardi-

"to love what you do and feel that it matters; how could anything be more fun?".
-katharine graham-

okay. actually i keep all these quotes because i believe it will later help me to like what i'm studying/doing/facing currently. so i guess, it's all within our mindsets huh? that's it, to make change, you don't have to reach out that far. the element you need to change is just within you, so near to you, your mindsets! so muhammad, spark a change now!

no reason behind this

langit 7 bidadari

by ADA band

Friday, September 15, 2006

i'm thoughtless at the mo.but i feel like updating this blog.

it's 6.24 morning.

anept struggling with fluid assignment.

syahmi finally sleeping after whole night of guitar and pool.

rahman still with the pool. get a break u dmmit! get a kit kat!

yani sleeping on the couch, after one whole night of assignment and thrash talking with us.


uni life is great and so much fun. but one day there won't be anymore all these usual hang outs and late-night-till-morning lepaking.

next week dah week 9. i really need to buck up on my studies. a lot needs to be covered. sigh. i'm just sick of telling myself to buck up week by week, without actually doing it. ok. this time, make it a promise. heh!

aliya, bon voyage!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


maths mid term just now. screwed it. cipan cibai cikong ciku tol ah.
anyway, i managed to answer 2, and i copied phil, edwin and joe the rest of the 20 questions!
pfftt..i need a new brain. sial gile.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 september

your journey might be cloudy. and unreal. and you don't know what to expect. don't stop.

ok now i just remembered. yesterday was 12th september 2006. exactly a year ago, september 12th 2005, i went through one of the , well, at first scariest, then funniest, experience ever. i was robbed by the 2 aboriginal guys. haha. damn i just have to make this public. hahahahahahaaa!

anyway, things happen for a reason. so snap! no worries at all!

maths mid term tmrw. and why am i updating this thrash?

ok back to the correct gear. adios. chalos.

saya mau roti. saya mau roti. saya mau mithril. so what...i'm just a humble sinner.heh!

but with enough patience, things are bound to become clearer soon. and by that time, you will know where you stand. such is life. such is life. such is life...


music that accompanies me. music that inspires me.
dashboard confessionals
hordern pavillion, sydney
6th september 2006
a true musical rage
a true emotional fulfillment

"My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me, so I die happy. My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelry, which ever you prefer"

"I'm missing your bed, I never sleep Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak...Your hair, It's everywhere. Screaming infidelities. And taking its wear"

Chris Carabba

dashboard confessionals. 6th september 2006. hordern pavillion, sydney.


the dashboard explosion. i'm just amazed

Friday, September 08, 2006


moment of silence.
everyone needs this kind of special moments, just for themselves.
it's one of those very few moments when you just sit around quietly, and you open up your mind to streams of thoughts and memories.
thoughts and memories that helps you in many ways
that roots you back to the ground no matter how high your hand goes to reach up the skies
that reminds you of the people that shared the same streets with you in life
and reminds you the ups and downs that you had
and tells you your worth
and your purpose to live
but most importantly,
they help you to heal
because if there is anything that human gasped for the most
it is the sensation
to be rescued
to be healed
to be cured....
alright. my friend adli left for ireland last wednesday, pursuing his study in the field of medicine. and a few more are leaving soon too. my sister, feedo, rgen, nico, judin, aliya, beyh, ajak and a few more which i might've forgotten to mention here. so whoever's reading this post, whether you personally know them or not, lets read some silent prayers (it could be any kind of prayers or ayat) so that Allah will ease all their matters there. May succcess be with them all the time, and best of luck!
if you know muhammad ibnu hamid well, you will practically notice that he has this huge passion over quotes and philosophies that nurtures people and help them to enhance their lives. and that explains a lot on why i enjoy to have deep conversation with other people. it's not really what i am, but it's just among my favourite past times for the few previous months. this kind of passion suddenly just kicked in and it dazzled you. it teaches you on how to create a new perspective, a new spectrum. and this kind of inspiring quotes provides you the door to looking at the brighter side. but most importantly, as they i said before, they heal humans. they cured. so at the moment, among two of my favourite quotes are:
"a man is worth something when his fight begins within himself ". you don't have to struggle and loudly change the world, and trying to make it a better place to live in. what matters most is that you can first change what's within you. and then, create a path, for people to follow. in every aspects of life, this works: within to be followed by without. not the other way round!
" i think you will know what i mean if i tell you that love is worth nothing until it's tested by its own defeat. i felt i was being asked to love without being afraid of the consequences. i realized that love, even if it ends in defeat, gives you a kind of honour. but without love, you have no honour at all ". ok i don't wish to elaborate more. and wipe off that smirk off your face! this is not poyo, everyone has once been broken hearted, so what?!
" in life there is no such thing as ' but i've tried...!'. it's either you do something, or you do not. "
and owh ok. perhaps i should mention jimin's name. bukan aku nak malukan ko jimin, tp kene gak ah cakap bende nih. he wants me to mention his name in my blog. so, EVERYONE, have your moment of silence for jimin (hazimin jasmani) please. not for any specific occasion, but it's just because he wants to be mentioned. ok...cheers for jimin! *haihhh....* (pastikan anda semua menguap sebentar lagi ok)...
ok that's all! no more moments of silence. ok now you can turn on the radio and start grooving again. and rgen, ok you can continue with your snore. gendut...

Malaysia Festival in Sydney

i was gonna blog about sydney's malaysia festival (mfest) ages ago...but works and other shits has been crazy. today's friday, and no more uni work for the week and i'm having a free dinner at the very expensive kasturi cafe soon with higher education minister...damn what a perfect day to start blogging again! hahaha!

basically the festival is held to bring out the diversity and uniqueness (ohh soo typical) of our country's multiracial community and the cultures and practices behind every ethnic. so every first saturday of september, people from around sydney can come and watch the cultural performances by malaysian students, and they can get a taste of all types of malaysian exquisite cuisine from the stalls that has been set up. owh yes venue...? tumbalong park, darling harbour.

and here are some pictures (and as usual, i'll say "there's more to come soon"

all of us at mfest. supporting the nasi lemak by the tarik kiosk!

yamud and matt. mfest. sydney. 2006

us in front of yaya's stall! hail the cleopatra of ipoh! tribute to yayoi-nesss! bout guys with looks

dirah the gusti putri in the puteri gunung ledang sketch!

norliey and my favourite yani. your performance is the best ever! serious shit!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

probably everyone has know this by now, bout the death of steve irwin. well, i can say that, erm, i can feel the 'lost' of his death (simply because i'm in australia right now), and yeah i had a turtle at the end of my messenger nickname as well. well i suppose that's the nearest emoticon to wild animals everyone can find, to at least remember irwin and his utmost passion. but certainly not snailssss...urmmm....;)...or cats! well dont blame joe, cat is just his second love...

i was gonna start blogging about MFest and post lots of pictures on that day here, but then only i remember that the camera is with rahman and i still haven't got the pictures from him. well, this is what happened when you lost your camera in the Darling Harbour, all you can do is mourn and make people's life miserable by constantly nagging them to lend you their camera. hahaha!

last monday, we had no usrah session. we had it cancelled because we thought of going to the library and complete the assignments. but of course, we did not. at night, some of my friends and i went to the residence of the alphas and we watched "silence of the lamb". yes i know i've been watching for prolly the 5th or 6th time, but still, it gives me that weird creep feeling and it still scares the shit outt me when it come to the gross scenes. psycho gile movie tuh!

ok don't get bored yet. my rants, in my what?
later that night, myself, joe, anept, budin, yani, dirah, syahmi and mohaz stayed up late till 5am and we had the thing i've always looked forward to, which was "our talk". hahahaaa!
i discovered more about my friends, and yes, those kind of nights always left me puzzled and thinking more about what's actually happening around us. some people have their own secret agendas. behind everyone's face, lies years and years of experiences which had made them what they are today. and in some aspects of life, you can learn it from other people's experiences. but in some others, you just have to learn it through your own way, usually, the hard way. but whatever it is, looking on the bright side helps a lot. remember that.

i'm almost done with maths assignment, and gonna start reading materials chapter 8 soon. and tonight, i'll be watching the dashboard confessional's concert! and i'll blog about mfest soon. promise.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

and the vain mattness! over with!

we're getting into week 7 tomorrow. and now i realised, i have been through half of the semester! wow! gile cepat! time really flies man these days. probably because i have not been doing a good job in managing my time, or because there has been so many activities and other stuff to do, or simply because 2006 has been so kind to me. well, beautiful years tend to fly faster. right? rrrrighttt!

anyways, lets make things worse. work to do:

1. finish up material lab report! before week 8!
2. material presentation about the element gold! on week 8!
3. maths assigment due this thursday! 7.5% tuh...byk gile!
4. materials assignement due this friday!
5. read up maths chapters 1-6! mak aiii
6. read up materials chapters 6-10! mak aiii dua kali ganda!
7. thermo quiz on week 7!
8. fluid quiz on week 8! takethat!
9. design quiz on week 7!
10. design third assignment in 3 weeks!

omg. tell me why do i have to go to uni? owh yeah, to become a better being. yeap, sorry bout that. bwuekk!

a plain morning by dashboard confessionals

oh yes,
11. dashboard confessionals concert this wednesday!

wooohoooooo...a week worth living at least!

malaysia truly asia

Malaysia Festival's starting in a few hours! YAAAHHHHOOOOOO!

when you feel happy
and things are just so right
and sometimes you wonder about fate
but you have the faith to look only on the bright side
and you keep on telling people how happy you are
and you have doubts and uncertainties
but you ain't falling apart
you almost feel the grove
and you feel like shouting
and screaming
and dancing in the moonlight
because you know you have what you need
all you need
and that's all you need


beautiful yarra underneath me.

this picture and the song "dancing in the moonlight" reminds me so much of that sudden rush kind of feeling. and it's almost dawn now, it's just perfect!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Flashy And Really Orange MGM!

well i'm just gonna use orange for this blog haha. for one really obvious reason. anyway, MGM has been a BLAST! really, i can tell everyone had fun, or probably those who were sitting on our side of the hall only haha. but what the heck, i think it was all worth it, much better than 2005 MGM, much livelier!

in the beginning was quite a hassle, our kompang team main terabur gila, and a few escorting people were actually laughing at us hahhaa! even yamud said, as far as his emcee experience goes, this is the most kelam kabut one. but things got sorted out and we finally smoothen things up. food was awesome, but need to make some improvements in the serving flow. that's all. congrats to the oraginizing committee!

our pantomime performance was ok, or perhaps good in fact. people definitely laugh at us (or at me) hahahhaaa! damn i can't think bout that, it sends shivers and electric jolt all over my body everytime i think of the flashing semerah padi (tribute to faisal) hahahhahaaaa!!!!

and these are some pics from the glorious night, and i'll put some more later hahaa! damn i always say

the project manager and i. two thumbs up tmun!

my favourite peepahs! told ya we had fun hahaha


well, yaya has been right. boys do have problems updating their blogs. hahaha. ok lets not generalized, but i think boys just don't have as much thoughts and stories and updates as girls have. well technically we do, but we just don't feel the need to jot it down i guess hahahaa. instead, this what we do...


we bash each other haha. *lame!*