Tuesday, November 21, 2006


a lot of people has been asking me on why my blog is not updated as often as it should be (who sets the standard anyway? hmmph). and well, you guys guessed right; exams and exams and exams. and now that i'm over with all these nerve-wrenching exam period, i have all these agenda in my next list:

1. exercise banyak-banyak. badan dah boroi mcm belakang penyu dah. siot tol.
2. carik rumah baru! at least any good apartment nearer to the engineering block, i hope. sakit siot nak jalan jauh hari2 g kelas haih
3. belajar lagu baru. what i have in mind is stand by me (oasis)..and a few more hmm
4. and now i can play pool banyak2!
5. keje hantar newspaper sungguh2, and use the money to purchase a new camera wheeeee!
6. get some new clothes. ah who says shopping is just for girls? even a guy would be happy top see some new things in his wardrobe.

and today, i felt really satisfied with our paper job. joe and i managed to finish up the whole job by 7 morning! thats considered to be very mantap ok, considering this is our first time working together. all i need to do is just visualize the 7.2 megapixel sony t10 carl zeiss camera that i'm dying to own, and i'll be motivated enough. "motivation is what keeps you started, habit is what keeps you going"

and today (dec 1st), rahman balik malaysia. so bon voyage to him, and safe flight. more and more people are leaving, and i'm still here, seeing sydney gets cleared.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

i have less than 3 weeks to actually ensure that i will have a bearable summer holidays.

had a good lepaking time at darling harbour with some of the crazed just now. two shots of gelatissimo was good.

and i think it's true, you and your ex(s), where you guys later stand depends on the anger build up that happened earlier.

will be meeting hadri, zah and isya later.

dewi and faisal left for malaysia a few hours ago, will be meeting them again next year i guess. and yani's leaving tomorrow =( and next is ezei, rahman, alan, yaya, yus, budin, dirah, erin, mun, izwan, syami, joe, sheera. damn.

looking fwd to uncle nor's visit next week.

i seriously need a bearable summer.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


no more assignments. no more lab reports. no more staying up late to study. no more dateline.

no more flash cards, no more stick on notes, no more manila folder, no more presentation-get-going, no more "piles-of-A4-papers-that-makes-me-wanna-puke".

no more stress, no more headaches, no more worries.

exam's over. yeah that's what i'm saying.

i'm done with second year, insya Allah.

and yeh. just to note that i've changed my password. wow a new password after 3.5 yrs!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


my exam starts next week. which means i have less than a week left for any sort of preparation. on top of that, my laptop's not working anymore. the new headphones rosak lagi! (damn!) and my iPod's giving me trouble. imagine, i can't scroll down to find any songs i want to listen to, as the scrolling devices dah rosak. bodo btol. and i still don't know anything about my flight details and my house is now sooo full of roaches! they're everywhere! dalam water kettle, dalam toaster, dalam oven, dalam fridge, sume tpt ah ade. arghh series tension sial these past few days.

but yeah, just throw me anything, i'll handle it. there will be times when i'm stomped and unable to handle, but definitely it's not gonna be roaches.

after-exams period is always like a rain. as if rain came pouring, and they just wash away everything. all the headache, stresses, worries etc. looking forward for that "rain". or as i would like to name it, the "summer rain" heh!

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