Monday, January 29, 2007


it's 2 am and i cudn't sleep. so this is what i suddenly had in mind. something that i just thought about myself for a while:

i am not self-centred. not self- absorbed. not entirely a daydreamer, just a mild case. you are the one having problems.

i tend to characterized 'things' around me, thinking that everything is like a bunch of t shirts in a departmental store, where you sort them out perfectly through sizes or colours. well, they're not

at times i'm scared coz i don't seem to be missing the important elements. like i don't feel that i miss my family, or i don't feel that i miss KYS or i don't feel like i miss any of my friends. i'm worried that i've came down to those 'individualistic' case, and not loving the people that matters. maybe i do, but i just didn't realize it. i hope i don't have to learn this kind of lesson in the hard way.

i avoid selfish people, i don't associate myself with a living paradox and i tend to not speak about issues that reuqires a lot of 'deep opinion'. a dash of these 3 could relinquish everything that i have nurtured for the past years in my life.

i want to learn at least 3 more languages. so one day, my hope of becoming someone who defines 'universalism' is realised. i know it's lame+pathetic.

cultures fascinate me. sports bore me sometimes. music is what i need almost all the time. i decide.

i like to have a list of everything that i own. be it books, clothing etc. well just to keep myself within the 'organized' line.

i like to travel, and explore new things. when i discover something new, i wud just wish that i'm 5 years younger, so that i like myself for knowing things earlier.

opportunities is everywhere. you are lousy if you think you are deprived from all types of them. this world is bastante grande.