Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Learn the Lesson

the day before yesterday, february 11th 2007, i saw this one article in the newspaper where it was about this one qatari boy who died in a very tragic accident. he passed away right on the spot and his land cruiser was so wrecked that it doesn't look like a landcruiser anymore. well, he's 19 and already driving the 4.5 landcruiser. well that's not the thing, since almost everyone need a high-powered landcruiser here just to get thru the hilly roads and the desert road.

but the thing is;

i am just somehow worried and freaked out at the fact i've had a few narrow missed while driving dangerously, and still i couldn't think far enough and not learn my lessons about being more careful on the road and not end up like those who has died.

i mean, this one guy, he died in a very tragic way. he was thrown 50 metres from the car. and his car bounced on the high walls of the house nearby making 3 serious huge holes and i hate to say this, dia dah takde rupa manusia dah. it was so scary.

he's 19 and i can relate to him in that sense. well, our age is about almost the same, i bet both of us have about the same body size and such and such. so if it can happen to him, meaning that kind of tragic accident could have happened to me too. the article, and the badly damaged crime scene (which happened to be near my place), was a true eye opener.

bila teringat balik the speed limits not obeyed, the near miss i had all these while and the driving-tengah-malam-tapi-tengah-mengantuk-gile time, i'm lucky to be still alive.

these are the things that we have to learn from other people. learning it the hard way might be a little too late. hope such things won't happen to me, or to anyone that i care about. drive safe, please.