Monday, April 23, 2007


"God turns you from one feeling to another, and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you can fly through life with two wings, and not just one".

Saturday, April 21, 2007

mechanics of truth

Archimedes: Give me lever long enough, a fulcrum and a place to stand and I can move the earth

Muhammad: Give me nasi paprik, telur siam bungkus and daging masak merah and I can move the earth too!

the beauty of mechanics. the power of fulcrum.

tada thank you!

Friday, April 20, 2007


every new age that you enter, will definitely bring you new questions. for example, when i turned 13, i spent quite a whole big chunk of unnecessary time to think on what 'official' sports i wanna get involved into. i chose swimming and running. when i hit 16, i buried myself into deep pensive and countless self-rambles into what sort of 'adult' teenager i wanna be. i chose academic profound only, and not waste time in developing other skills, which i perceived at that time as 'wasting time'. and as a resort, i eventually grow up into being someone with, well, lets just say, very little 'talents' haha. yeap some decisions seemed just right, and some not so.

but it's ok, this sorta stuff makes me learn. 'learn'.

and i can't help it, eversince i turned into legal 21, and of course with constant streams of output from other parties, i instantaneously asked myself, am i ready being 21? am i actually qualified to be in the 'neither-here-nor-there' border in my life? or more accurately, has maturity kicked in? i just wonder almost all the time, where does my maturity level stands?

of course, no one has the answer to that, not even myself. it's just similar to asking to yourself, 'am i tall enough?' or ' am i good enough?'. yeah lets get this right, no one can enlighten us on such abstract questions. perhaps only time tell, but as all of us are now aware of, well, time works in a errmm mysterious way, that it doesn't help us at all in peeling for answers.


in this entry, i thought of sharing with my blog readers what i, muhammad, personally thinks the universal traits that all matured people possess. it's a personal opinion, nothing more ok. take that as a warning before you decide to read further on.

i heard almost all the time this kind of phrases..."ish that guy is so matured laaa..he spent so much time thinking about 'stuff' and issues that he seems to know-it-all...jeles laa...i wanna be like him laaa!". well, i personally view someone as "thinking too much" as NOT necessarily matured. maybe to a certain extend. maybe he's curious, or diligent, or well, participative. but that doesn't necessarily mean he or she is matured and can handle what life throws at them.

or another quite misleading, yet popular claims..."gile ah..their relationship is soo matured! they jarang gado...the guy very sweet and the girl very pretty. sume org berebut nak diorang tapi diorang stay with each other jgak..gileee respeekkkk siaaall...!!". is that a sign that the partner has matured relationships? personally, i don't think so.

or yet one more..."she's very quiet kan...she's not like us...kite sengal main2 and tak reti fokus nak blaja...she's very strong+focused+matured laaaa...jeles nyeeee..". haha, apart from saying 'eeewwww', i still don't think that's a sign of maturity.

don't get me wrong, i'm NOT pointing fingers. it's just a rambling of a blog. shooosh!

i mean, yes, someone maybe focused, or seem strong, or patient, or loyal, or attractive, or balanced..but make no mistake, that doesn't necessarily mean they deserve that big "MATURED" label on their foreheads.

again, this is a personal opinion. the warning shall came again, no worries, no hassle.

and now,

i came out with a few dogmas, on what i should aim for, if i want to consider myself as matured. i personally feel that matured individuals possess 3 common traits, 3 essential traits that all of us will realise, all calamities or adversities in life, eventually will bring us to the possession of these 3 traits. i post it in my blog because it's a personal view, and i could be wrong. if i'm so sure this is entirely correct, i would have sent this article to the editor of australian telegraph, or newsweek. and not write in this humble blog.

firstly, i feel that matured people must have the ability to scan through and notify what they want in life. the desired outcomes. the goal-setting. the destiny. if you achieved dean's list or some golden key academic award, or you have a very fulfilling relationships with angie jolie even, but you don't actually know what you want out of those institutions you are in, or the circumstances you are about to face, you are no where near being matured. it's better to be driving an old car, but you know where to go, rather than driving in a ferrari but you end up driving back and forth the same avenue with no specific directions. knowing your destiny is part of unlocking your future, and of course contributes to the process of developing maturity.

second, i feel that matured people must have the ability to electrify options or selections, and eventually decide on which path to take. which way to go. which map to take. paths that will eventually lead to better consequences, inept opportunities and of course bearable situations. some people has sooooo many things in their mind, they wanna own this, own that, become this, become that, for the love of God, who knows they even thought that conquering saturn is their destiny! but they are not quite 'ready' to make any choices life offer, and hence they just follow the ever popular, but stinky stigma, "follow the flow". holy crap! don't choose your ski slopes without first observing what awaits you, you might end up with one leg being permanently dysfunctional. if there are crossroads in life, and you find it so difficult to make up a mind, and eventually surrender to 'dead end', then i guess you are quite far from being matured. matured people, they choose, they select. afterall, they know that their choices are them!

and of course, event the most matured of us makes mistakes. sometimes deciding on the crossroads of life seemed so perfect at the very first glance, and you are so convinced that things will turn out right. but snap! they don't! so how does matured people handle such unexpected outcomes? give way to my third personal view. i perceive matured people as someone who not only make choices, but they also learn to live with that choices and faced any misfortunes with an optimistic mind and an open heart. you may happen to be in the proclaimed "matured relationship" or "the smart boy", but what if one day the relationship crumbles? or you don't get into the college you want? do you wallow yourself in self-pity, and convinced that all your effort all these while goes down the drain? well, matured people doesn't. they face the problems, they adapt themselves to the new surroundings, and they learn with their hearts (not just with their heads!) how to live with that consequences. they don't get easily defeated. not easily kicked out. they don't complain or whine to everyone and their pet dogs about how pathetic their life is. you might get 10 1A for SPM, but you didnt exactly make it to your dream uni. do you just slack off, and ponder on the unchangeable? or do you wake up, wake up, wake up and learn to live with plan B? well, i believe matured people are the breed of the latter.

some of you might think, kalau mcm tu, ssh la nak jadi matured. well, yes and no. yes because you need to really sharpen your will-power and start navigating your own life. and no because, these are the things that can be nurtured within you, and you need them for life, anyway.

the answer to maturity seems bigger than the question itself. right?
that's all, feel free to agree or opposse. i'm open to building critics. one love one peace gracias!

i didn't exactly sleep well last night. was kinda half awake half sleeping sort of sleep.

anyway, at the liverty of my 'relief' mood, i'm pretty much done with all my huge big rocks this week! yay!

CNC Codes and Manufacturing assignments were submitted yesterday, and darn i tell you it was a pretty long assignment..25 hours to complete!

i think i aced through french test! (*easy breazy beautiful*ops)

and i manage to answer all questions in the mechanics of solids quiz. alhamdulillah.

i went to mackie building, and grab almost all careers pamphlets and brochures they have. thought of skimming through them some time soon, hopefully i can get an intern here in sydney.

and i bought a new usb drive. 1 GB! for AUD30.00. pls anyone tell me it's cheap enuff.

the new usb. unable to shoot a good picture of it.

and last week was my mother's birthday. and i got her a card, but i've been putting off and off and off the mailing, thanks to assignments. or is it me procrastinating?

and just so you will eventually notice, the writing on the card says; children reinvent your world. isn't that very heart-warming? and my mum has 6 of us! *blowblow* what a massive "world-reinvention" she must have had hahaha. i love my mum, anyway.

sweet escape by gwen

Monday, April 16, 2007

kazar tagged me!

kazar physically tagged me about 40 mins ago. and i like it. because now i get to write what i feel or what i think about myself. Of course, some of my friends might have already known about me, but still there's no harm reading right?

Muhammad Bin Hamid, Born on the 26th March 1986 in KL, Engineering Student, and special in his own way....

(huhu what a lame intro).

1. i think i'm funny too. not entirely, but i can make people laugh and i have done that a lot of times. seeing them laugh makes me happy. and also an antidote to their misery, hopefully;)

2. (i thought about 5 times before actually writing this down) I choose to believe that I have a good sense of dressing up. I like the way I look, and my choice of clothes. I have been told that I'm a good helper when it comes to choosing clothes for someone else (oh, many times in fact hehe).

3. A few things in my life brings me to complete solace. They simply make me happy and they sort of tell my mind to take things slower and in a more relaxed way. Such things are; deep talks with special friends, music, running, books, chocolates, coffees and recently, ciggaretts. A dash of all these makes me happy being myself. I call them "my gaffe".

the rack that stores "my gaffe"

4. I have "a disease" or "a trait" that makes me uncertain of the future. I hope this doesn't sound too exxagerating. Hence, I'm not so much motivated by the thoughts of future. On the contrary, I possess a mission statement that reminds me of the things that I should be doing at the mo. I'd prefer to live by the day, that's what I'm saying.

5. I am deeply fascinated by almost anything about Europe. Their geographical location, the history, the stacks of arts they have, their languages, building structure and so much more. It is my dream one day to travel Europe inside-out with the any special people and I hope that experience will make me more matured and more sensible.

Cinque Terre, Italy

6. I have had countless crushes, 2 infatuations and 2 person that I love in my life so far. But I have never been in any relationship before. Some say love had to be a two-way bond, but if that's the case, we wouldn't have Cleopatra and Eidi the Gardener, right?

(of course i won't post their pictures here, bunuh diri la namenye kan hahaha sorry!)

7. I have came to realise that, I don't solve people's problems, and I don't exactly have the ability to. But, I am always here to listen to you, and remind you that there is a better tomorrow. Yeah that's what I am, a motivator, not a solver.

8. I am strong-willed. I usually work on what I truly want, and I pray for the blessings of Allah in it. But there are many times, when I don't exactly get what I want. If you are quite the opposite, come to me, we can talk and I can give you some reality-check, tell me about it.

9. Travel is one of my likings. When I travel, every second turned into an opportunity, and every squared meter turned into a new world. I appreciate the beauty of nature and whenever I come accross something new, I just wish I'm 5 years younger.

worth noting, i love signboards. they're evidence. they just are!

in a plane, overlooking Sydney

10. A lot of friends say I'm abstract minded. I guess they're saying I'm no concrete. I guess they're true haha! Being "abstract" makes me feel secured, and it's a way of 'not revealing too much'. But then again, judging from the way I write my blog, I am an abstract man.

11. I have an opinion about Love, Friendship and Relationship: We need teamwork and effort to build them; We need sacrifices and an open-mind to maintain them; And occasionally, we will lose some of them. We can't have everyone to stay by our side forever. Love in specific can kill you, but it is also the sweetest fun.

12. I crave for room for improvements. I noticed that I am an improver, in almost all aspects. But I also aim for perfection occasionally. And that's the hard bit.

13. I don't work well with computers, I don't function well with machines or a bunch of scrap papers. But I work really well with people, I'm genuinely interested in them. Human bondings are amazing, they sustained you throughout even the impossible, I have been through that. And every working company might wanna hire me, to keep your projects groups moving, I motivate them hahaha! (evil laugh).

14. I value sense of artistic in many elements. The kind of music you listen to or play, how you snap your photos, the way you mix colours, your intelligent movie reviews, or even the way you write. If I think you are artistic, you already have a plus point, as far as I am concern. I wanna be your friend!

15. I treasure my family a lot, it's just that I don't miss them too often. Maybe I have passed through that "homesickness" stage. There are many bad things that I had almost done, but my mum's face came popping out and I just turned back the other way round.

16. I strongly feel that friends are gifts. You chose them, and you call them "family". Personally, I appreciate the most friends that remind me of my self-worth. These are the kind of friends I wanna keep for life.

celebrating my 21st year with friends

friends sustain you, even throughout the impossible

travelling with some friends

17. I believe in the concept of "inside-out". It's like this; if you wanna be happy, then act as if you're happy. If you wanna be attractive, then act as if you're attractive. If you wanna be confident, then act as if you're confident. Eventually, you will be one! Everything on the outside came from the inside! This method was first introduced by a western specialist, and it worked on me. It's not faking out or being who you are not; in fact it's a way of building you to a whole new dimension, and it makes you who you wanna be. Try it!

18. I don't really know how to stay relax, or cool. It's due to the many strings of issues I have stranded in my head.

19. Among my favourite musics are by; incubus, jason mraz, dashboard, fray, gwen, cat stevens and audioslave. I worship indo music in general, and malay rock legends like awie, search and such.

20. I don't have "common grounds" with many people. Sometimes I wonder how I am friends with them. But I can tell people are not threatened by me, as I am non judgemental and I am very accepting.

Yah, that's it! I've listed 20 current muhammadism that I could think of for the past 30 mins or so. But I'm sure theres more hahahha! And my humble apology for mengangkat bakul sendiri gile babi!

Feel free to comment if you like any of the ideas, of if you feel to say the opposite. Come on this is an open world. Now i'm tagging you! it's your turn to write about yourself. ngeh3!

Thank yous pliiiisss!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

peer pressure

if there is one thing that i wanna develop within is, the ability to resist peer pressure.

most of the times, i feel that i'm living under the shadow of...the shadow of something or someone else. sometimes i just know that i do certain things, because other people are doing it also. and such attitude is unhealthy, and i know i need to stay away from it sooner, or later.

for instance, why do i own a blog?

is it because other people, or most people i know also has a blog of their own?

but of course, i come to solace by repeatedly telling myself that i need a blog for self-comfort (or wallow in self-pity) when i'm not in the mood to talk, or when i feel that no one would understand the bolony i will soon utter. afterall, sometimes words are stronger than words.

as far as i can remember, i seem to be bowing to peer pessure, since forever. although ironically, people come to me to seek advise on how to resist peer pressure. and that's just ONE example. there are so many other aspects, where i tell people to do this and do that, but i myself am not doing it. i hate to be a living paradox.

and of course, i don't just want to bombard my blog with problems. so i decided to come out with a few solutions:

1. maybe i should set my priorities straight. and know what's important or not. and i need to understand, what i actually want to do, and not what i feel i have to do.

2. have some thinking time. and of course, not doing something everyone else is doing doesn't mean i'll be left alone or not being accepted. it just doesn't make sense.

3. be gentle with myself. and be strong also. my life is no captain james cook. and also remember that i am the force that control my destiny. and not cave in to what other people is doing.

thank you.

Birthday Pictures!

some pictures during my 21st birthday dinner:

mamat, yani, anept and jaih. "the hug"!

celebs wannabes. yani, mamat, ramen, kazaa, yayoi

my 2 favs. yani and mun

budin, alan, myself, joe and mat tet

keano and dirah the siblings. mamat and mohaz, not quite the siblings

erin, joe and yamud. thanks heaps to yamud for organizing.

some of us. thanks for coming!

all in all, a very happy night. thanks again to all, and wow i actually feel good being 21. just sometimes feel useless. nites!

Monday, April 09, 2007


there are lotsa people out there. or a particular someone. they're just like 'the rest', and you don't seem to notice the power that they carry around them.

but some people are capable of making u feel sad, or hurt you. them by just being 'there'. and tht's the thing that i am trying to get use to.

you see, loneliness is a thing that i understand. too well in fact.

off to futsal. will update soon.