Thursday, June 28, 2007

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back!

Alan, Arif, Sheera, Yaya, Dirah, Kazar and myself helped Nik out with his movie assignments (boleh cool lagi tak?!). So here is the outcomes. Has been meaning to put this up in my blog for a loooonnngggg time, but of course, blame my ASSignments. As usual.


PS: Damn, I only get 3 seconds of fame! Cis-nesss!


Right now, i'm sitting in front of my laptop, with my contented and blissed mind, and i was utterly glad to not spot any scrap papers of equations-filled in front of me, and i'm not under pressure. MY EXAMS ARE OVEEERRRRR! i'm done with the fifth semester of my uni life...ALHAMDULILLAH ;)

anyway, i got a bit hyped up just now. my house was in such a mess, i was busy cleaning up and tidying and straightening things...and amidst of all that, my sim card was somewhere on the table, and i lost it! imagine how frantic i was, trying to search for something that is barely bigger than a 10 cent coin, with piles of rubbish and other stuff in the hse! nasib baik dah jumpe....again, alhamdulillah!

my friends from perth; potet, key and saleh came so they put up a couple of nights in my hse. i gave my bed to saleh for him to sleep, as i told him i wasn't sleepy at la tido 5 jam petang tadi ops...but now my eyes has gotten heavier, so kene tido but takkanlah nak suroh dia bangun from the bed kan? buruk siku tu namenye haiyooo...

anyway, i plan to bring them to bondi beach tomorrow, and i was super excited promoting the fried mars bars to them. about AUD3 i think. takpe irwan, when kau dah sampai sydney, i'll definitely bring you there. the fried mars bar is sinful, i tell youh!

so for the next 1 month of my life, i have planned a lot of things for me to do (and of course, involves a lot of $$$, bile dah hbs sume sure pokai supeerrr....)

30th June to 3rd July: I'll be in Melbourne, for the NCG. Highlights; meeting old friends, making new friends, NCG events, chilling in the cold but serene city of Melbourne with my favourite people, and of course, the MASCA National AGM. As usual, I'm running for the National Liaison Director Position.

3rd July to 18th July: I'll fly to Auckland and meet my bestfriend, Redzuan and of course my cousins there and Aunty Timah. Highlights; a 15 days road trip in the land of "Long White Clouds", Auckland Harbour View, Rotorua Geothermal&HotMudPools and its stinky ambience, Taupo HukaJet Boat Ride, Wellington sophisticated and cultured metropolis, the world's best ferry ride (according to Lonely Planet) to Picton, scenic drive along South Island's West Coast, Christchurch English Taste, Canterbury Plains exhilarating passes and picturesque highlands, Hokitika Pancakes Rocks, Franz Josef glacier town, glacier hiking in Franz Josef, youthful Wanaka, countless LOTR shooting scenes, Queenstown's nerve wrenching bungy-jumping, the Nevis skydive (the only thing stopping you is your mind!), Milford Sound's tranquil cruise at one of the most beautiful place on earth (according to Lonely Planet, again haih), Lake Tekapo's laid back atmosphere...and of course, a road trip to remember with 16 old and new friends, hopefully ;)

18th July to 21st July: Fly back to Melbourne, meet Arizal an do some catch-ups. Then head to the Great Ocean Road (for the second time in a year!)and stop in all the small towns in between with Yamud, Beyh, Syahrir and Alia. what can i say; perfect destinations, perfect company. Alhamdulillah...

and 30th July: Gwen Stefani concert with my friends in SYDNEY!!

i like how things are working right now; i have studied hard for the exams, i get to meet a lot of new and old friends in the winter break, i'll be visiting a lot of new and interesting places, and i'll be doing the things that i'm not sure i will be doing in the future.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging, I'm just in the liberty to relief my subcontained moods, now that exams are over!

Thank yous!

btw, i miss these two:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

.golden words.

Kami Vain. Kami Tahu. Kami Juga Vogue. Kami Tahu!

And I found this somewhere, over the net. And i thought of sharing it with my readers:

Life is actually quite simple,
You just have to know how to get by;

Sometimes, the best thing to be done,
Is just by leaving it as it is; (how TRUE!)

When love matters most,
Everything else comes in second;

Silence is not always gold; (Thank-GOD!!)

People actually care about each other,
It’s just that only some of us chose to show it;

The things you want the most,
Are always those you don’t deserve; (*tears* emo gile pls)

Everyone judges,
So, why would you worry? (aren't we all sinners??)

You laugh at yourself,
So that others won’t hurt you when they do; (again, how TRUE!)

It’s never hard to make someone’s day;

You convince yourself,
So that you don’t have to face the guilt;

You share your problems,
And hope that sympathy comes along;

Why keep it to yourself
When you know that you really like someone? (ERRR.....)

Monday, June 11, 2007


a friend once told me that, it's either you stand or you fall. it's either you get it or you don't; there's no such thing as "but i've tried...!".

and i'm starting to wonder, maybe he's right. MAAAAYY-BEE.

thank you!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

i feel so doooowwwwwnnnnn now. there's so many things bothering my head, tht it's just impossible for me to chin up damn. solids susah nak mampos! i studied but paham sikit gile and i attempted around 10 questions, and i couldnt even finish any of them! bodoh tak bodoh otak aku nih? and then sore-throat terok gile sampai rase nak bakar je anak tekak nih. and weather cold gile babi nak mampos. i havent finalise nz trip, which, i have supposedly done, as the trip is like 3 damned weeks from now! and system assignmnet susah nak mampos and ade report strain gauge due mase stuvac (can u imagine that?)!! and i don't have people tht i'm comfortable with around me ergh rase sorang2 nak mampos and i didnt go for fluids quiz sbb i was so unmotivated to even leave the house, and i've been worsening my lungs and rumah bersepah macam kandang siput and my towel tak kering2 lagi (both of them!)so nak mandi pon susah sbb nak lap badan nanti sejuk and hidung berhingus tak reti nak stop and i dont feel sleepy so i cant sleep altho tak bende nak buat dah and laundry tak buat lagi padahal dah hari jumaat and baru ade one of my friend judged me tadi (boleh blahh) and i tried to sapu peanut butter on the roti but the roti patah dua (bodoh!)and macam2 ah! oh God! can anyone pls tell me, what reason do i have now, to at least feel happy?

tapi tak elok merungut nnt Tuhan marah and i must learn to bersyukur for whtever happened. capiche!

song: gwen stefani's 4 in the morning. perfect, just perfect! (roll eyes roll eyes)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sengalness @Dunblane

Quando Quando Quando; When When When...

we were supposed to be doing assignments, but thanks to our "always-paralysed" brain, we ended up doing this.

cameraman: mohaz momo
michael buble: mattun hamidun
nelly furtado: dirah dara
penari latar yg SUNGGUH over dan gedix: kazoi dan yani (yg gelak je manjang haha)
audiences yg x supportive sgt: yus, rina and joe
our NUMBER 1 FAN!!: anwar dan alan yg berambut sarang tebuan

PS: kpd joegiWahid, yakin je kau kate aku tak gheti nyanyi! terdiam kau skarang!!!

Linger Movements Wave...

maaf video ni tak menjadi sgt. kitorg bajet nak buat "movements wave" tp ape yg kluar hanyelah bau ketiak masing2 sbb byk sgt angkat tangan. jgn lupa untuk menyaksikan video "Pergilah Sayang: Tribute to Hawa&Fini" kami di bawah!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Di Kala Kebosanan Melanda!

Pergilah Sayang: A Tribute To Hawa&Fini!...

singer: dirah, mamid, kazoi, yani. berterabur ok!

this is what we do when we're bored, and when end of semester is approaching!

J'ai Vu Un Martien! Non!!

((wish me luck for my french oral test!! bonjour!!))

Police : Bonjour! C’est le Commissariat Central de Police de Paris. (Hello! This is Paris Central Police Station)

Lady : Bonjour! Je suis Grace. J’ai vu une soucoupe volante dans mon jardin! Je pense que c’est un Martien! Parce que il a les yeux rouges. (Hello! I am Grace. I’ve seen a flying saucer in my garden! I think it’s a Martian! Because it has red eyes)

Police : Oh-mon-Dieu! Vous-etes sur que vous avez vu un Martien? (Oh my God! Are you sure that you’ve seen a Martian?)

Lady : Oui! Un Martien! Dans mon jardin! Je suis tres terrifiere! (Yes! A Martian! In my garden! I’m very terrified!)

Police : Que pouvez-vous me dire de plus? Qu’est-ce-que le Martien fait? (What more can you tell me? What did Martian do?)

Lady : Il a mange toutes mes fleurs! Et il a mange mon chien! Parce que je peux voir que la soucoupe volante decolle! Je ne peux pas croire que je suis encore vivante! (It has eaten all my flowers! And it has eaten my dog! But I can see the flying saucer taking off! I can’t believe that I’m still alive!)

Police : Oui, mademoiselle. Je veux que vous alliez au Commissariat de Police pour completer et signer une deposition. (Yes, madam. I want you to come to the police station to complete and to sign a statement).

Lady : Oui, je prends le train vers le Commissariat de Police. Vous-vous appelez comment? (Yes, I take the train to the police station. Your name is?)

Police : Je’mappelle Officier Rickie. (My name is Officer Rickie).

Au le Commissariat de Police…

Lady : Est-ce-que je peux parler Officier Rickie? (Can I speak to Officer Rickie?)

Police : Oui, c’est Officier Rickie. Vous-etes Grace? Premierement, j’ai pris vos coordonnes. Vous-habitez ou? (Yes, this is Officer Rickie. Firstly, I need your details. Where do you live?)

Lady : Vingt, rue de Dunblane, Paris (20, Dunblane Street, Paris)

Police : Et votre telephone? (And your telephone number?)

Lady : vingt-six treize. Dix-neuf quatre-vingt-six (26 13 19 86)

Police : Vous-pouvez decrire le Martien? (Can you describe the Martian?)

Lady : Cett’est une tres etrange creature. Cette a ovale visage, avec deux lapin Oreilles. Cette porte un chapeau. Cette ext environ deux metres. Cette a ovale corps aussi. Cette a trois doigts. Et cette a beaucoup cercle petit sur ses jambs. (It’s a very strange creature. It has an oval face, with two rabbit ears. It wears a hat. It is about 2 metres. It has an oval body too. It has 3 fingers. It has a lot of small circles on it legs).

Police : Je vais envoyer un fax au Commissariat Central. Je vais ecrire qu’une etrange creature est au centre-ville. Vous-voulez dire quelque chose? (I’m going to send a fax to the Central Station. I’m going to write about a strange creature in the town-centre. Is the anything else you want to say?)

Lady : Non. Je ca va. Merci! (No, I’m fine. Thanks!)

Police : Oui, merci! (Yes, thanks!)

Monday, June 04, 2007


i have 2 assignments that i consider to be "hard" to be handed in this tuesday, approximately 40 hours from now. and i plan to not submit one of them, and just work on the other one. and the fact that i could even think on planning that, dissapoints me.

i've lost that motivation and spirit, something that all these while i believe that separates muhammad and many other individuals. back in kys, i was always known for this go-getter attitude, and i'm always motivated in everything, and some people said, they can even "smell" my spirit. those were days when i possess willpower, the burning desire to achieve what i want, to take charge, to not be defeated. i have done many things that people can remember, i was always hungry for success, i kicked my ass out for what i want and i'm known for it.

but now, things are really different. really different. i couldn't even believe tht many times, i told myself; it's ok, kalau grad with 3rd class pon takpe, janji grad. i mean, what was i thinking to agree on being in the losing end, without even trying??

i had a conversation with dirah and rahman on saturday night, till sunday morning, after the party. i guess they were right, it's not that i couldn't do it, it's just that i didn't put my heart enough in studies, and i have my priorities set differently. dirah said, if you really want something, THERE WILL always be a way. provided, you really want it. as the saying goes, "desire sparks the motivation". that, coupled with my past experiences where i've always got what i want, is starting to make me wonder, maybe i can do it, maybe rahman and dirah are right!

i think that's all needed to make a difference. the desire, which later cultivates the motivation. and since i subconsciously told myself so many times that it's okay to grad with the lowest passing marks required, of coz la i didn't study hard all these while kan? of coz i couldn't be bothered to even TRY.

willpower. i will not underestimate that anymore.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Murphy's Law

This is taken from one of my friend's blog. Sorry takde permission! I like it and you MUST like it too. Otherwise, get out!

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

You will always find something in the last place you look.

No matter how long or how hard you shop for an item, after you've bought it, it will be on sale somewhere cheaper.

The other line always moves faster.

In order to get a loan, you must first prove you don't need it.

Anything you try to fix will take longer and cost you more than you thought.

If you fool around with a thing for very long you will screw it up.

If it jams - force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

When a broken appliance is demonstrated for the repairman, it will work perfectly.

Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will use it.

Everyone has a scheme for getting rich that will not work.

In any hierarchy, each individual rises to his own level of incompetence, and then remains there.

There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.

When in doubt, mumble. When in trouble, delegate.

Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening.

whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.

In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.

Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference