Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a March boy!

Quoting from a friend's blog;


My family, extended family (although some of them are bitchy, and some unmarried aunties like to complain about my mum's kids), my best friends, close friends, old friends, new friends, friends of friends, my teachers and lecturers, the barista lady, makcik jual rambutan in kerteh dulu, anyone whom has crossed my path and everyone else!

Nak tgk simpson, but takde duit! dowwnnnnn!

I need to get groceries from Coles, and my budget is only 6.4 dollars. DOWWNNNNN!!!

But still, I love everyone else. Ok DON'T CALL ME FAKE!

(I saw you from behind with my shades on, and that was the best view ever in July. Even better than pretty Lake Wanaka. Honest!)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Land Of The Long White Clouds Part 4

To readers, it's best for you to read the entries on my NZ Trip 07 backwards; from The Land Of The Long White Clouds Part 1, and then progress to part 2, 3 and 4. Sorry I messed the entries' sequence!

Utmost thanks to my New Zealand Family; Yamud, Redzuan, Hana, Alan, Anwar, Pojoe, Shakur, Anep, Anna, Fateen, Hazel, Iza, Aiza, Izwan and Yus. With much love, I will always remember the 15 of you! God Bless Us!

The Land Of The Long White Clouds Part 3

But all in all, I honestly understand something else. Life is too important to be taken seriously!

I will spread my wings, and challenge myself to be more involved with something outside my comfort zone, to hope for the best but to expect for the worst, to embrace the different shades of human beings, and to not complain. All men has something to offer, and they by any means are able to inspire you. you just have to keep looking withing them ;)

The Land Of The Long White Clouds Part 2

If I recall well, one of the state I look for the most is to be calm, at least in the heart. But as you move forward, people are never subdued. They will never stop from asking you things, and contemplating, and complaining, or at times bombard you with credits that you don't quite deserve. Surroundings seemed to be noisier and noisier by the hour. Traffic is excellent in holding you back. With some bad luck, you see darker days and no hope of recovering. Then it hit me again, being calm does not mean you have to be living in a serene and traquil and harmonious situation; as there will be very few of those. But it's living amidst all those noises, complains, honking and so on, and still be calm in the heart.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Land Of The Long White Clouds Part 1

throughout the trip, i've had always hoped that the next day will be the day that the trip actually starts. the real road trip. but the as the sun rises, there will always be new confusing maps, us getting lost, punctured tyres, clock seemed to be doubling its speed, petty arguments and misunderstandings, the weather being too cold, existence of rude kiwis and with this, my rambles will never stop. then it really hit me - this is the real road trip. the journey and ups and downs that we had was the one. with that i understand a new spectrum about life; happiness is not a destination, but rather it's a journey.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dramas Dramas

We have two flat tyres for anep's car.

and izwan's car has somes evere mechanical problems. probably the temperature of the engine has ran really high.

and we're in the middle of te anau. with no phone coverage.

we emptied all cars and piled up ALL our stuff on the carpark.

and the stupid guy from NZ Car Rental Specialist has been making me called so many AA agents.

and i'm due for skydive nevis in about erm, 12 hours.

as if i havent been through a lot.

*pissed off*

Saturday, July 07, 2007

NZ oh NZ!

Location: The Nomads, Wellington.
Time: 12.57 am

This trip really blew my mind off! Dome with 4 days, another 10 days to go! Loving every second of it!

Well, except for some parts where I lost NZD300, left my camera batt, walking for 6 km to Auckland International Airport along the motorway, and errr, some petty arguments. But all in all, I'm loving this country!

Signing out,
NZ Trip 07