Monday, September 24, 2007

Terorrist In Camperdown!

Sorry, I just had to use a sensational title to get all you readers' attention. HeeHeeHee...

Updates for the past week, or so:

We had Iftar at my place, on Friday. It was sort of a potluck thing, and I'm not exaggerating, this is the first time where everyone actually brought something to eat! Kalau tak, sebelum nih, it's either guests just bring a jumbo bottle of Diet Coke, or just burgers for themselves hahahaa! Anyway, we had lots of Malaysian based food, like the murtabak, tom yam, 2 types pasta sauce, 3 types of rice (nasi goreng cina, nasi goreng melayu, nasi goreng mamak sume ade lah) and 3 different cakes, unlimited supply of carbonated drinks, and of course, I brewed my special teh tarik for everyone, which I found out later that everyone actually adores it, and of course they just have to say it was the side resort of my mamak heritage. Whatever.
Lots of nice food, lots of awesome games, and lots of companion. Price I had to pay: Fatigue that swept me away the next day and of course, terburn terawikh. There goes my resolution for a full terawih throughout Ramadhan!

I have been finally selected to go through another interview by Macquarie Bank, and this time, it's the final selection round. Truth be told, I was just so grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to be selected for the final round interview, and to actually convince Mr Marcio Martins what I have to offer Macquarie Bank. Hopefully, I can pull it off tomorrow (Monday 24th Sept), wish me luck friends, I have a feeling I'm gonna need lotsa that.

And of course, I'm still waiting for other offers from a more technical-based company. Luck seem not to be by my side, due to the strings of reject letters that I got from Adco Construct (who stated that they want only Civil Engineering students. Bodo then why the hell did you advertise Mechanical? Slut!), and by KBR, ALCOA Engineering, Evans and Peck, Ausenco Engineering, Woodside, Newcrest (who all claimed thay they need someone of better academic background...fina, bodoh sgt ke aku??). But since I have spent the whole of August applying almost all company that I came accross, I'm yet to hear from some others, like Holden, Thiess, Hatch, Anglocoal and Petronas.

And let's read Al-Fatihah for allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who had been safely buried on Friday, Sept the 21st. For those who aren't aware, Jazlin is the latest victim of child rape and abuse case, possibly did by a super-stupid and good for nothing sex maniac, and she eventually died a tragic death. It's only natural for me to be reminded of my little sister, Raihanah, since both of them are of the same age, and suddenly feel very protective of her. The man who committed such heinous crime deserves the heaviest of all punishments, and it is my sincere hope that all of this thing doesn't occur within the country anymore.

And I break my fast at the Malaysian Hall, for today and yesterday. And I misplaced my spectacles, so for today's iftar, I was all blind in the hall. The funny part, Sheera came to me and say, "Mad, this is Fini". And Fini came to me and say "Mad, this is Sheera". Kalau ye pun nak tipu, tukar la suara tu dulu kan? At least miming ke!

Signing out,

Song for the moment: Semangat Perjuangan Harmoni, by XPDC.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All The Small Things (and not by Blink182)

Some time ago, I took a taxi ride back home from the Dashboard Confessionals concert, at the Sydney Pavillion. It's not that I always took taxi rides back home, thanks to my bad spending habits, as being "broke" would best describes me, perhaps. But it was so late at night, and the bus services terminated about 1 hour before the concert ended, and I know I couldn't really put a price on my safety (maybe you can, but I certainly can't).
In the taxi, I strike a conversation with the taxi driver, being my usual self. Conversing with a taxi driver is what I enjoy doing, and I'm glad I did as a 20 minutes silence is just not my way. Upon reaching Dunblane Street (where I live) and before I purge the 20 dollars note from my wallet, the taxi driver thanked me for being brave enough to talk to him. He said he adores my bravery with strangers, and from our "normal" conversation I had somehow made his day (or rather, dawn hehe).

Needless to say, his compliments has made my day, too. And I remember walking back home, with some sort of a new confidence meniscus, and I secretly thanked him a lot for voicing out his opinions about me.
That it got me nailed to the wall, thinking; have you ever wondered that it's actually not hard at all to make someone's day? And being kind, or nice is actually a lot easier than we ever thought?

I heard this everywhere, being the bad guy is always a lot easier than being the nice one. Hence, you will be rewarded for every good acts, and of course, punish for every demeanor ones. But actually, that's not the case. Simple and small acts like; complimenting the people around you, or sending out a "thank you" note, or flashing your smile to passers by, and simply asking "How are you, hope you're doin' well" are just exactly the way to be nice, and to make people's day. Trust me, it is.
Once, I had a very rough day, and that had caused a really serious anger management issue. But a friend of mine unintentionally made a positive remark to me at the end of the day, and SNAP! Just like that, it somehow made me happy again, and I sort of realized that as bad as this world is, there's always some good in it. Try putting yourself in my shoes; Someone send you a gratification or congratulatory note for your help or achievements, or someone just complimenting your outfit (when you thought the day couldn't get any worse), or your hair (when you thought it's definitely your bad hair day). It's amazing how all this small acts of kindness can make us look the opposite way, and help to restore the positive energy within us right?
I for once thought that giving away compliments shouldn't be done frequently, because eventually, people will be immuned to my words, and my complimentary speech will then lose its value. But as I later discovered, that's not actually the case.
People are never tired of compliments, they may say it, but deep inside, everyone's happy to receive a compliment right? They'll be happy if you say that you appreciate them, even if that happens a bit too often. That's just the basic law of the human nature. So all you have to do is just search inside yourself, and look for it; there's always some things worth being complimented or appreciated. And as long as you're honest, there's nothing wrong or absurd or unethical with it.

As the saying goes, "small acts of kindness makes a long way to the heart".

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh, Well Well

So, any volunteer to be my Monica Lewinsky?

Friday, September 14, 2007

I have done mistakes in the past. In fact, I've done a lot of mistakes, and I mean to say who doesn't? But mistakes will always be mistakes, and if I were really look on the positive side, it's not that bad actually. It's one of the ways where I can grew more insights inside me, as long as I learn from it and buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih.

But I wouldn't say that I'm proud of those faulty moments, and I didn't say that it was my finest hour either. It's just a moment where sometimes I lacked certain important judgment, or I perceived things differently, or simply because I let my emotions over rule my rational mind.

I don't fancy the idea where I have to carry the burden of guilt every time I've committed mistakes, and I certainly can't accept the fact that sometimes, our society doesn't accept people who make mistakes. That's just ridiculous and doesn't make sense. Nobody's perfect, I might as well just get shot thrice for even trying to raise the idea, right?

But there are certain people, whom I just can't understand. To be more specific, I don't understand their mental frame, that tend to not be able to get pass or over with something. You may not fancy a friend because of who he or she is in the past, or because of the things that they have done. But aren't we all smart enough not to equate someone to their pasts? Maybe yes, they have committed a really awful mistake in the past, but aren't we all sinners too? Can't you at least find some room in your heart to forgive? And forget?

I am not pointing fingers, as I myself have some grudges and resentment that I'm not done with. But let's ponder for a while, is it worth the time to actually spend your life hating someone or consuming all your energy just to pinpoint even on their smallest wrongdoings?

Let me,

There were time when all we always thought that our parents are wrong, and we hurt them.

There were time when we lied to a friend, just because we want to save our own selfish ass.

There were time when we hated and labeled someone else, just because they are different from us.

There were time when we got angry with someone for saying things that we didn't want to hear.

And there were also time when all we do is think that we are "right", and laugh at someone else because they are "wrong".

Forgive me, but the way I look at it, we are not any better than they are.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have permanently disabled the direct debit application from my 3 Line bills. So, no more intruders breaking into my account and curik my hard earned cash easily. Hahaha, as if i worked hard earning those $$$.

I have paid the Car Park Fine, that costs me AUD185. I thought of escaping the payment, but the thought of facing the custom at the airport before boarding for Malaysia was beyond scary. So, for once, I have been a good citizen (Australian citizen ke aku??)

And I have submitted the Materials Lab Report!

Next is, enslaving myself for the 3000 words management essay. Ok, don't say "banyaknyeeee!"

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Amigos and Amigas

Sometimes, when things didn't take the right turning as what you'd want, you became frustrated, and up to a point, numb. With my family really far away and all over the place, sometimes I tend to miss them more and sometimes I feel insecure about it, too. This is exactly why I feel thanked to my friends, coz knowing that I have them makes me content inside, and somehow the good memories tend to over shadow the bad ones. Everybody feels like that towards their friends, it's whether they want to admit it or not. So in this very post, I wanna share my gratitude to all the people that has played a part in my life, and also thanking them in advance for the good things I hope to come soon. To all my special friends;

Yamud, Irwan, Redzuan and Komet, these people will always be my best friends, and what makes it more special is the fact that we have constantly helped to build each other for the past 9 years or so. Someone told me the best mirror is an old best friend. So, they are my mirror. I see many of my elements inside them.

Mun, Adli, Falah, Feedo, Rgen, Hanafi, Moja, Dbar, Anwar and the rest of the GZes complete me. They have seen me through my worst days, went road-tripping with me many times and told me things about them that supposedly makes me hate them. But I don't. With them, I know there is strength in numbers, after all.

Mars, Opu, Puyo, Daniel, Amir, Sue, Jubeng are the living instances on how distance may separate us, but not at our hearts. Old friends are gold, the new ones are silvers.

My housemates in Dunblane Street; Joe, Kazar and Yus are the ones that kept me occupied over the years, have seen the real me without any judgings, and has seen the ugly side I possess, but they take it with an open mind. With them, I understand the concept of tolerance very well, and I'm proud to announce that we are made to be housemates!

Yani, Rahman, Dirah are those I regard as my siblings here. I have promised myself to keep them for life, and I am always appreciating them, maybe I just don't show it. They remind me to stay happy, and they are brave enough to correct me. They stayed late until the wee hours just to keep me company, and they expect nothing out of me. I just don't know what else to ask for. I may not leave Sydney with a first class degree, but remembering these 3 makes it all worth it!

Jimin will always be my partner in crime. You're the best man!

Arizal, Nora, Hisyam and Zah added colours to my black and white memories of Sunway days, with them, I understand that as bad as things may appear, there's always a bright side to it. You just have to keep looking for it.

Anept, Jaih and Mohaz are the people that I have no common ground with at all, but they still played huge roles in my life. With them, I have learned a lot of different perspectives, and I can see the things that I didn't know that I missed. I am inspired by so many things about them, but of course they didn't know because I didn't tell them hahaha! Plus, being "housemates" with them for a full semester was a blast, and I'd rate that as one of the best memory in Sydney!

Erin would be the person I enjoyed being with, no matter what. Not many people has the ability to make me want to hang out with them all the time, but goodness gracious, Erin has. Whether she's happy, excited, confused, angry or sad, I just love being with her, and Erin will always be Erin.

Yaya is one strong chick, and she doesn't quite know that she is special to sooo many people. And she is! I admire her views of life, and how she is constantly trying to handle things around her, come what may. Her talks dazzle me, and of all my friends, she symbolizes the character of a lady who has been through a lot, but still hasn't fallen apart. And I think she won't.

The rest of the Lambaian Family and NZ Trip 07 (esp Dewi, Pojoe, Anep and Hana) has carved something inside me too. Days with them are the best of all, and when it comes to all of them, I hate the saying "All good things come to and end".

Izwan and Alan are the 2 figures that I looked up to. One is quiet, but full of substances. And one is hyper, full of energy and always positive. Their maturity is what I admire, and their traits of being an all rounder is what I respect.

Sheera, Jams, Nik Arif, Hawa and May makes the 10.8 dollars bus ride to Barkers worth it.

Salina will always be my best platonic love girl.

And Beyh will be the virtue of me once chasing something I couldn't get, and someone I longed to spend time with, but God just doesn't permit it. There's a lesson to that, thanks. Seriously.

And the many people and friends whom I have met through my journeys of ups and downs, Thank You! Gracias! Merci! Terima Kasih! I may have forgotten to script your name here, but everyone means a lot, and thanks also for always inspiring me. In fact, that's the primary reason why I choose to stay with all of you!

Signing out....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I went to the interview for Macquarie's Bank internship program yesterday (3rd September), and I thought maybe I should just be an intern in Malaysia. I don't think I can carry or go through any more interviews with any Australian companies.

But I received a call around 11.50 am this morning, they said I've made it to the second round of selection! weeeeeee!!!! ALHAMDULILLAH...

And I still have the Macquarie's Building visitors pass with me muehehehehee!