Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 2 @ Tower 1

Ok this is corny. Like REAL CORNY. I am this close to informing you that I had my first day as an intern yesterday (Monday Nov 26th), but my wholly depressed mind made a significant warning about not being too cheesy. Anyway, yeah I am currently sitting at my desk, as an intern in Level 17, Tower 1, KLCC (Weeeee, it's like having dropped out slutty cheerleaders around me weeeeee *roll eyes*). Bull.

Sometimes I wonder what actually happens if I were to be an intern in Macquarie Bank instead? (ok Muhammad, drop it, that's so last decade). I mean, we haven't been doing anything, and I mean, anything at all since yesterday. My boss is not around, was told he's in London, and his secretary's name is Ida and she possesses one hell of a mouth (it's like having Ida Yani here, wohoo nama pon dah sama) and the 3 sapiens in the next 3 cubicles straight ahead are alright people. They are so alright that I have nothing to blog about them.

I also gave up inquiring people about what interns are supposed to do, or what is expected out of them. It's like everybody has this invincible tape recorder sellotaped to their mouth, and every time I ask them the question, they will hit the Play button, and the same phrase comes out; "Oh tak buat apa apa sangat". Wtf. Eventually, I gave up asking. So don't ask me what happens during my internship period, because I am likely to slap you for that, and you will hate me in return. Ok drama lagi, sorry.

So pretty much, that will be my routine till February 1st, before I'm off to Qatar. So to fulfill my inquisitive mind, and to compensate the wasted 9 hours (8am - 5pm), I brought my laptop, where I am most likely to blog about a lot of stuff (even petty ones, as usual) and I also brought my Spanish and French books. So even if I didn't manage to acquire knowledge on pipes, or pumps or rotating-wow-this-machine-amazed-me-machinery, at least by the time of this internship period, I can rejoice in the fact that you throw me your stunned and disgruntled faces when I ask you something in Bonaparte's and Marie Antoinette's language.

And don't tell me to shop in Suria. Gile ape! Waktu kerja tak boleh keluar! Nasib baik aku rase cool sebab at least dapat kerja in KLCC, happeninnnn plis!

PS: I cut my hair short.

Monday, November 05, 2007

"Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway." - Mary Kay Ash.

So, the next time you thought of cursing me and dragging down my self esteem again, just suck it up, save your mild-spitting saliva and learn to catch on your breath first. FYI your talks disgust me. I don't need to know about things that will only make me feel like a shit head, because when the time comes I will rise up to the occasion and pull off the string and you know I will.