Monday, December 03, 2007

My Ray Ban

Actually I don't have the slightest idea on what to blog about, but due to my nocturnal habit that seems to ba making a comeback, I might as well just stay awake and not doze off as 4.30 am (my usual waking hour, to commute to Kl) is looming nearer. Maybe I should share the tale with readers on the adventurous and memorable journey I had to from Sydney to KL, via gold coast.

Nov 21st :

I left the house, after hours and hours of packing finalisation. I don't know, but I have this thing about packing, where I will subconsciously want things to be perfect, and I need that rare awareness of what has been stuffed in the bags, and what hasn't. Of course, I haven't seen many people around me with that sydnrome, I think some of them just throw stuff into bags, zip it and Boom! they're off!

I took the bus to central, with Yamud and Kazar tagging along me, and I swear, I was actually feeling really ashamed of the fact that I dragged a huge 20 kilos weighed bag in the bus, amidst all that middle class people off to work. Kantoi takde duit nak naik teksi hahhaaa! Alan came to central to bid his last farewell, and after a final goodbye wave to the 3 of them, the train drifted further from the station, and images of their 3 faces blurred, sending me thoughts on how I will actually see them in the next year.

The train ride was 12-13 hours or so, and much to my anticipation, I actually enjoyed every second of it! I gorged on a few egg sandwiches, I took a closing chapter on the novel "The Life Of Pi", which I had abandoned for almost 4 purnama, and I endlessly abused my camera into capturing many photos of almost every stations in the many small towns that we stopped at. I'm not kidding, the experience was fantastic, if there's a train service from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, I swear I will try on it.

Around 7pm, I reached Casino. I thought it's going to be the hustle bustle urban classy of Gold Coast gambling euphoria, but to my dismay, it's actually a small town, with hardly any mobile coverage, where I was told to board on a bus for another 3 hours or so before actually reaching Surfer's Paradise (SF), my actual destination. By that time, I was already really hungry, and I knew that I shoud've taken a flight to Gold Coast instead. But I kept a positive mind, telling myself that it's an experience to cherish, and no regrets!

By the time I reach SF, it was already 11 pm, and I had another calamity of having to drag my bag around, with my aching back already half sloping due to the then unbearable weight of my backpack, as I was searching for any ATM Machines, or shop where I could purchase a pack of ciggy. Some strangers flashed their smiles to me, probably wondering what is this Indian looking boy doing in the middle of the many neon-lighted pubs and discos in SF, with a huge bags and an almost dead face.

Nov 22nd:

After wondering in SF for almost 2 hours, inquiring around for ATMs and the next bus that can actually take me to YHA Coolangatta, I finally got onto a bus, fatigue swept over me, and I am ready to just hit the bed, after almost 16 hours on non-stop travelling. The bus driver dropped me in the middle of a freeway, and he sort of gave me a wrong direction to YHA! I spend the next 2 hours, 12am - 2am, wondering around the freeway with my huge bags and empty stomach and almost half swollen legs and broken back on where the hell the YHA is! I eventually gave up, and asked a few man I met coming back from a happy night outing, which also didn't help much. After sending out hands and waving for any vehicles that I could hitchhike with, a guy driving a jeep finally stopped and he drove me to YHA, where I will only stay for the next 4 hours, before having to walk to Gold Coast Airport, to board the plane to KL. PHEW!!

At the YHA, I didn't sleep much, instead I got engaged into a converstaion with a Melbourne dude, who was busy lamenting and bragging politely on his sex escapade. Pergila matila kan! Much later, I climbed up onto my bed, scraping the last bit of energy I possessed into falling asleep, with much difficulty due to the droning giggles of Jack and Jane below my bed, whom I believed was having sex. Crap!

The next day, I walked for another 500m to the airport (by this time, I was more than used to walking) and the moment I sat in the plane, a huge sense of relief swept over me, as I knew that then all I had to do was sit, and food will be served, and by 8 hours, I'll be back in my home soil. And that was the best feeling ever!