Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Updates, Simply Put...

Dear All,

I would like to know that I am a positive person and how I screamed at the top of my living lungs on how the grass is often greener on my side. Hence, I have decided to mark in my head of yet another memorable and eventful summer break, although there is more to come.

Of course, my sincere apology to readers, for abandoning this blog, but there's not much that I can do, due to time constraint and the "couldn't-be-suckier" internet broadband over here. But to the good news of some friends (or perhaps to the dismay of some others), I am still well alive and kicking here in Seremban.

Hey friends,

So far my internship has been alright, although plain would be a better way of describing it. And since this blog holds nothing but the truth, well I have only been doing little work given to me by my supervvisor, Pak Ganis Supriadi, and spent much time and waste countless dollars on having coffee and unnecessary brunch or extended lunch over the many shops and cafes in Suria, although in theory I should be trying to fathom the many engineering ups and downs. But me being me, that's just plain unrealistic bullshit.

Sometimes, there was just nothing to do, and the managers in my floor expects us to find our own work and be more proactive, but that ain't happening. Haha. And I couldn't stand being in the office for even one more second, hence the countless journeys or slamming and sloping around Suria with amigos y amigas, and geez I love doing that, God knows why.

Yo peeps,

I am also happy as I managed to fill my life with more luxury, now that I no longer have only AUD384 to spend on. I pampered myself with a lot of indulgences, and lavished my closet with more new things to wear hehehehe. And that shall be be the highlight of my summer break hahahhaa! And don't call me a spoilt brat, as my Sydney friends would know how deprived I was back in Sydney in terms of almost everything. I won't call it a financial crisis anymore, I'll just call it another mandatory cycle that always occurs in my life there.

Furthermore, I get to meet more new people and catch up with a lot of old friends, even ones that I thought I would never see in 7 lifetimes. I had a really good thing going on with my fellow trainees, and I hang out more than ever now in Seremban, and I have discovered many new and interesting places here, and the great part is, it makes me feel more "homiey" here. Thank God for Seremban.

Hey there,

All in all, nothing of significance or that important happens, but the many small things that happens perfectly here makes my small life here perfect, and I'm sorry if that's a bit exxagerated. So if you thought of calling me, to ask me how wonderful my life currently is, and how I can turn your life into a more enviable one, give me acall at 019 277 4705. And don't worry, the consultation hours shall be free of charge!

And to everyone,

Thank you for making my 2007 great, if not happening and memorable. I certainly haven't placed it in a deserted corner of my mind, but the main thing is that it has helped me to sustain myself at where I am now, and I hope we don't have to say good bye to all the good things.

Thank you for listening....