Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Every now and then, when I browsed back through the many music playlists that ever existed in my iTunes, I somehow found myself being transported through time, back to the days when any particular songs were being highlighted in my life as the song.

Obviously, this is no surprise, as I tend to relate music with a lot of things in life, and a few selection of songs will be played over and over again from my laptop during that specific period. Everything will start to pop out instantaneously, the happy ones, the sad ones, the plain ones even, the times when I struggled with some things, the times when I thought that I was fulfilled and strong, the times when I thought that I was weak and pathetic. The songs made me recall some individuals that revolved around my life or had an astrologically enormous impact in my life within those period.

In short, I don't need a diary, or probably even this blog. I don't need someone to remind me of what had happened so far, and I don't even need to strain myself and struggle recalling the pasts. All I need is an accidental moment where the song just randomly being played in my playlist, and everything just formed itself into images and leftovers of what I had experienced, carefully unfolding events of the yesteryears that I had stored somewhere inside my mind, as vivid and as clear as they were. All I need is music.

And I'm sure in the coming 5 years, if I ever came accross Fall Out Boys' Thanks For The Memories and Jordan Sparks' Tattoo, summer break 2007 will come into mind, an old dandy film being played, like a silent movie.

And oh! Crispy Creme is now in Doha! This probably won't help the majority of the population here who already suffers berat badan berlebihan, and I'm sure now they will have other cumbersome issues to worry on. Example; cavity and tooth infection.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 08, 2008


I don't like it, or should I say, I hate it when my family and friends form a wrong or biased impressions and perceptions on me. With exceptions to my current Sydney housemates and close Sydney friends, no one is actually around me most of the time, so my advice would be to stop being so prejudiced or extremely judgemental on me. I mean, it's okay to occasionally judge, and who doesn't, as long as you don't build a mental paradigm on me based on that. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do you know one of ...

Those things in life that you really hate to take a closing chapter on?

Those things in life where you expected nothing of significance or importance to happen, but it left you with many priceless memories instead?

Those things in life where you met many new people and formed strong bonds with them, only to be heart broken because you felt that you weren't given enough time to know them better?

Those things in life when you felt really high and up in the sky, but you know it is not for long, but you don't mind because you just can't find a single negative feeling to dwell with?

Those times when you met the special someone in a place you least expected to meet them, and somehow you know this summer break is something worth remembering?

Those people in life that you willingly built your life around and you sincerely love them, like you have never been hurt before, just because you know you have to?

Those faces surrounding you everyday, that you can shed your tears on because you are afraid that you might not see them again?

The many routines in life that you once subconsciously committed yourself to everyday, and you know you would do it all over again?

I miss my internship days....

and now I know, small expectations resort to big happiness. I knew that before, I just forgot about it.