Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the first time ever, I finally watched Cinderella Man by Russell Crowe from start til end. During his final match against Baer in pursuit of the world champion title, Rahman, Eiman, Roy, Yaya and myself were pratically shouting and chanting Braddock's name and cursed everytime Baer made a low blow. I felt as if I was in Madison Square myself. I could actually feel his heart, and how strong he stood as he fought not for just himself, but for his family and the whole lower class people of New Jersey. Never underestimate the strength of our hearts. It creates wonders.

My thesis advisor fell in love with my thesis second chapter. I kept a humble face as he was repeating how good my writing was, and he had a feeling my thesis will turn out good. I also kept a blurr and malu-malu bagai face. You should be there, I'm sure you'd have said "aawww...cute nye mamat...".

I'll be at Amanda's house in Petersham tomorrow for cleaning. I hate the dog in the kitchen who seems not to be able to shut the fucking up, and I hate how she thinks her house is very European and symbolizes the relentless spirit of the Renaissance. Looks more like a house full of handicapped lads and ladies who doesn't have any cleaning concept.

My favourite quote so far; Ugly people usually have ugly hearts. By Irwan Shazman. Perfect. And yes, I know I have a handsome heart, don't have to remind me. Stating the obvious is just not my way.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today, I heard your voice again after almost one month. I'm just wondering why I'm not happy as I'm supposed too. Maybe you are just like the rest. Then again, I have no idea why I called you, probably I had a weak moment. Well, that or I just have an abundance of phone credit to spend on.

Things has been pretty fabulous lately, fabulous but tiring. I don't know why I said fabulous, but tiring is actually an understatement. Uni work, cleaning work and the mind-boggling thesis work. I have been writing a lot for my thesis and been writing too many essays, that I told myself I shouldn't be writing for another 7 years or so. And yet, here I am detoxing my inner chaos through words. I am so full of bullshit.

I may not run for UMNO NSW Presidency, as an subtle inner voice told me to just have one semester where I have no other responsibilities, and for once, be the audience. Or just let someone else do the mounting work and I can sit down and be a proper audience, for once. On top of that, I can spend my weekends wondering aimlessly to the most random places that I have never set foot on. And yes, no more meetings that lasted for hours and hours on my precious weekends.

Can't wait for my Adelaide trip with the Petronas Advisor, and can't wait to actually put the new pair of spectacles on my handsome face. Loving and hating my new hairdo at the moment. Oh well, I am just so full of bullshit.

Going back to my thesis work, and NO fun in BLIGH tonight!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hobart - MECH 4601

I arrived safely from Hobart around 8.50 in the morning on Monday April 14th, feeling happy at the sight of familiar Sydney, but not able to believe that an important lecture was just 10 minutes away. So I dashed out, had a quick ciggarette break and rushed to the train, hoping to grab the next Airport Link departing for Central Sydney. I made it to SUV around 10 am, and entered the lecture hall an hour later, with apparent dark circles around my eyes, I was obviously sleep deprived.

Anyway, will get back to you about my Tasmania trip in the next entry, as I know including photos is a must, and I don't have the cables and all with me right now.

A 5-hours sleep amidst all the welcoming noise at Bligh Tower just now rejuvenated me more than anything else. I managed to sleep soundlessly, despite Rahman's relentless strumming on the guitar and Yaya's and Yani's moving around the house completing chores, or just enjoying the busy-ness of the metropolitan-liked of their apartment. Aideeni was around puffing, and don't get me started on Eiman's and Nana's laughs. Don't. But yeah, I felt better than I had for the past 30 hours or so, and the price I had to pay; nocturnal habit making a comeback.

I enjoyed uni more this year. I'm not exactly sure why, but I have a feeling it's going to be much better compared to last few years in terms of workloads, lectures, assignments and all. I know I shouldn't be saying this, as I don't know what awaits tomorrow, but I'm thankful to Allah because I'm actually coping up quite okay this year compared to the last 3. Probably easier subjects, or I have finally gotten the skills of time management this year, one that I should be acquiring way back in 2005?

And here is a tribute to the University of Sydney, I've been circulating my life around this uni for almost 4 years, but I've never taken the time to actually tell myself.."Wow, you're in USyd, make the best out of it damnit!".

To USyd, if you are a human being, I will be nice to you and kiss you all the time and thank you for just offering me a place. I am proud to be a USyd student, and all of you better damn know that I am as proud as I can possibly be at the thought of being an alumni of this stone-walled university. Only 45 000 people are in Usyd now, out of 6 000 000 000 world populations. Ain't I lucky?

Sidere Mens Eadem Mutato

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Magna Carta

I turned 22 recently. Alhamdulillah. Sometimes I can't believe that I have lived and walked on this earth for 22 years. I have my soul being embodied for 22 years. For 22 years I have spent my life doing things, and wanting something and sometimes not getting what I want. I can't believe that 22 years are actually a really long time, yet it seems so short. So brief.

I wanna say thank you to my friends for yet another surprise birthday bash in my room on midnight March 26th. I truly appreciate it, and don't worry so much about the highlights of the night; my study table broke due to excessive weight of oversized asses. Hahaha!

And also, for the romantic and candle-filled gathering you guys put up at Hyde Park, that was superb! And different! Different people feel loved at different times and through different ways, and I feel loved the most on March 26th. Every year.

As difficult and hard to believe as it may be, I am actually approaching the finale chapter of my UG life here in Sydney. That seems like a blessing in disguise, as lecture notes and bundles of assignments seem to not do justice to my already hectic life. But the truth, I'm dreading the day when I have to bid my final farewell to Sydney, and reluctantly folding all my memories here inside my mind.

I just know that I will spend some uneventful lunch hour in my working life soon, sitting alone and thinking about the Coles Supermarket in Broadway that I paid a visit to almost every week, my tutorials classrooms, the Chinatown, the Sydney buses where I had triumphed over and over again in getting concession tickets, the green sidewalks of King Street, Newtown as a whole (Newtown!), my former apartments and so on. It's liberating, to know that I have spent 4 fulfilling years, but in the same time, it's also a sad thought having to say goodbye to all of it.

From this day on, I will treasure every minutes that I have in Sydney, I will appreciate every small details that I encountered along the way and I will actually stop and press the pause button, and inhale the air gently, to actually FEEL what Sydney air is like (ok, that's BOLLOCKS). I will smile to everyone I know and I will try to indulge in meaningful conversations with them. I will plant all these elements of being a Sydneysider for 4 years in my body and soul, so that I don't have to go back to Malaysia thinking that I had forego any chance of just appreciating Sydney. I refuse to spend the next 9 months with any regrets, and I will capture this city as a whole so that at least I have a nice mental snapshot of it to be brought back home.

God, I thank you for every single blessing you have showered me with, and thank you for giving me the chance to live in this land of The Aborigines and The Torres Islanders for 4 years.

Thank you for reading. Drop a comment. Sorry on the sappy mode.