Monday, May 26, 2008

Or Did I Not Have Enough Conscience?

"The aftermath of every adversities is a chance for personal growth"

Study. That's all. It's not tough. You're not picking cottons. You're not picking up the trash. You're not washing windows. You sit dow. You read. You develop your brain.

I love Bill Cosby!

When people around me point out something unwelcoming, my first reaction would be to keep my guards down, and remind myself that every advices is worth 2 minutes to ponder on.

I just don't understand why I couldn't make the process mutual. As said, I either believe that I don't have the conscience to do so, or I tend to look at myself as someone bigger than that, and will prefer not to meddle in petty discussions. Please don't shoot me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr Ultimatum

I touched down from Adelaide on Sunday May 18th, after spending the weekends there for Petronas SLDP Program, accompanied by drizzles and new friends and tonnes of sausages (orang UMNO kene belajar masak sausage from budak Pet Adelaide...serious!).

I had always looked at myself as a good speaker, but the moment I stood in front of the 20-something Petronas students in Adelaide as their facilitator, I could actually feel the wrecking nerves rampaging my whole body, and I know I didn't make any complete sense in that first leadership session. A good reminder from God, don't be too confident of yourself. But luckily I managed to keep myself together, and relate to all of them students, and actually remember their names!

I spent the first night wondering through Adeliade CBD alone, around 11pm, in search of a toothbrush, as I thought the hotel will provide me with one but they didn't. Obviously I can't use Ezidy's toothbrush, although I did taxed him really well on the hair creme, toothpaste and yeah, that's all (deodorant tak ok!). But to my dismay, all the convenience shops were closed (unlike hip and metro Sydney), and I went back to the hotel, wet and annoyed and shivvering and not equipped with any cheap toothbrush. Before getting to my room floor, I asked the receptionist about an extra toothbrush, and he gladly handed me one. Babi I should have asked him first before venturing through the 40-minutes rain filled outing!

On the second night, Ezidy and I walked through Adelaide CBD again, searching for any open late night coffee places, but macam biase, time kite paling nak lepak, time tu lah semua kedai kopi tutup. Then we thought of "visiting" Coles (what on earth were we thinking, I don't know), and even Coles pun tutup! I thought RIngo told me the Coles will be open till midnight, but why was it closed when it was only 1130pm? OH! Hari Ahad rupenye...Coles open midnight everyday, except Sunday, and dan-dan la the day we were out for Coles was a Sunday midnight. Another reminder from God.

We had a free day on our last day, as the SLDP thing only took my precious Saturday. The Adelaideans asked us on where to go, and selfishly, I recited the names of places that I haven't been to the last time I was here in 2006 hahaha. So we hit Rundle Mall, I taxed Ezidy again on the Azam's Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik and Roti Canai (actually he offered, so rezeki jangan ditolak) and we spent the rest of the late noon at Glenelg, ending the Adelaide tour with a hot Starbucks one each.

All in all, I could have said this was the best trip I have had with someone much older than me, and Ezidy has definitely opened up my eyes to more specturms that I had never thought about before. I remembered clearly almost every conversations I had with him for both nights, and discovered that behind those blur face and his frameless spectacles, he is actually quite fun and inspiring to lepak with. For that, I thank you Mr Ezidy, and yes, I am studying harder now.

I don't wanna spend the enxt 7 years asking myself..."What in the names of Heavens was wrong with me in uni dulu?". How true is that.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am very thankful to Allah, with all the blessings he has showered me upon. I know I whined and complained and bitched about hell a lot of things, but looking back again, I have 1001 reasons to actually be thankful about. And true, I am calmer now, I scrutinise less and I just don't allow my mind to venture to unnecessary parts. I just wonder, would you meddle with the safer option, or the easier option? (Just something random).

After the quiz tomorrow, I am pretty much done with 60% of this semester's workload. Just on-going thesis works, Energy assignment and to bury myself into deep concentration in reading the System textbook. I hate to say this, but the only possible way for me to get first class honours is through another 8 HDs this year. OMG, I am fainting now!

I will be in Adelaide from May 16th til May 18th for some Petronas leadership program. And AGM UMNO went reaaalllyyy well a few weeks ago. To me, this is an AGM to remember. And don't ask me why!

Times with friends has been fantabulous. I just wanna squeeze everything into my mind, and I want to remember all these fun moments, and I don't want to let it slip my mind. But then yeah, as I strongly believe in, memori hanyalah untuk dikenang, bukan untuk diingat-ingat.

In short, I am happy lately, and the only thing I can think to whine about is my body weight (which, by the way, is I don't whine these days).

Song at the moment: Crazy by Aerosmith.

Don't you just love __________ (fill in the blank space).

If you write your crushes' names, 5 marks for you.
If you write my name, 7.5 marks for you.
If you write the name of my Summer Fling, 10 marks for you. Bravo!