Monday, October 27, 2008

The Final Week on the Calendar

My laptop is fully functional again (more like semi-functional), I'm sipping mild coffee to help keep my eyes open at least until 10pm and I have just finished my last Monday in the university calendar ever.

Yeap, as cliche as it sounds that time does fly, I am actually now embarking on the journey of completing my degree. Just another one more Tuesday, one more Wednesday, one more Thursday and one more Friday.

Amidst the victorious tone that this post may hold, there's still some despair within it, being clenched by the thought of how there won't be any more classes soon. Of me not being a university student anymore. How can I freely let go of USyd, the place that had taught me to at least pretend that I have it all together, when actually most of the times I skidded from the right lane and sometimes, had everything fallen apart?

Ok, enough on the sappy mode. I have four more days, will give it my best and I will the work of my thesis with the little remaining days and turn it into a masterpiece like never before (*cross finger*). For the record, I am pretty happy with the Monday; I attended all the classes, I survived French Oral Test, I perfectly compiled my last 30-pages report and I signed my final plagiarism form. Pretty sweet eh?

I know a few things are coming my way in a few months; I need to learn to love my next residential area, and I need to learn to love my workplace. That's what had kept me going all these while, despite all the turbulences I faced. The thought of loving where I am is enough to give me a reason to leave my bed every morning.

To my final Tuesday, and to the final presentation. If tomorrow is worth living, then it's worth recording too. So I guess it's tomorrow then, till then, take care and love today. Love the Monday that is today.