Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15th

Today has been eventful, I'd say. I woke up at around 1 in the afternoon, thinking that I had the perfect sleep. Well I sort of did. The night before, I had the session with Rahman, and when our minds were so up in the air, he played all this rendition of songs that all people in their normal state of mind would find okay, but we found it highly soothing and melodious. Hence, the perfect night sleep.

At around 2pm, I gave Yus a call, to be greeted by the alarming news that we are supposed to finalise our stuff to be shipped back home to Malaysia by the night, although if I recall well, I thought that the finalisation should not be done until the next week. I was frantic; I haven't got boxes, I haven't decided on what to toss away and all in all, I haven't truly organize all my stuff properly that packing it to go back for good seems impossible!

I ran home to SUV from Bligh Towers and desperately multi-task myself into packing all my stuff, whilst running around Newtown in search of usable boxes and etc. When I thought that I'd have to ship my stuff alone at a later date (and paying all the taxes imposed alone!), as packing didn't seem feasible with my CK working shift at 6pm, I actually did it. Then it bugged me that Carrie Bradshaw took 3 days with the help of 3 friends to fold 2o years into 38 boxes. It took me less than 4 hours to pack up 4 years into 4 boxes, alone, with only Budin helping me in the last 40 minutes or so. Well, I guess I'm just not any New Yorker. White singlet and a 30 dollars Tsubi skinny has done me miracle!

(btw, if you missed the Tsubi sale at Paddington, which ran for some time and ended on Sunday 14th December, you have truly missed the wonders of SALE. My skinny dropped from the staggering AUD 250 to AUD 30, and so is Budin's, and Zarif's shade costed only AUD 80, and not AUD 400 anymore).

Work at CK was fine, it was quite boring that I couldn't even blogged about it.

Probably tomorrow I'll show Phil his carspace, have light breakfast with him, complete the sealings of all my 4 precious boxes, do some toning up at the gym and do the cleaning work from 4.30pm til 9.00pm. And oh! We're getting a new second-hand fridge tomorrow, which means I'll grow more muscles driving Izwan's van around. Perfect!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Red is RED

I like the colour red. No, make it I LOVE the colour red. I'm sure some of my close friends are well aware of that, but for those of who lacked quality time with me, yeap, I had always loved red and I tend to choose red over any other colours.

I don't just like the colour because of the essence it holds, but I sort of see myself in the colour red. In fact, I've started realizing that I like red since I was four years old. It was a bit early don't you think? But it's true. I was so certain about the colour that I've shown great affinities towards red at such early age (Proof: in 1990, my father bought my siblings and I story books of the same title. Whilst my brother and sister received one each in green, I received one in red. When i asked my father why he gave me the book in red, instead of purchasing all 3 books in green, he said: Sebab Papa tahu Mamat suka merah. That was in 1990, and I was indeed, freaking fresh and only four years old. To top it off, my brother and sister didn't entirely favour green, but my dad just had no idea what colours to buy them, but he knew Mamat likes red).

The next few paragraphs are entirely self-absorbed, but I'm sure red-lovers all around the globe will nod their heads in agreement;

First of all, we, the red-lovers, don't understand why other people don't favour red. Why don't you like red? How can you not like red? We think that liking red alone is a great portrayal of a certain strong traits that we want to possess in our lives, that we wonder; how come other people don't want these traits, that we tend to view as extremely vital? The red-lovers will surely agree with this; once someone likes the colour red, it is almost impossible for them not to like red anymore. Hence, we don't understand statement like this; "Oh, dulu mase kecik, aku suke warne biru. Mase sekolah menengah, aku cam suke kuning plak. Sekarang aku rase fevret kaler aku ijau". Most red-lovers will go like wth? How can you change your favourite colour? Yes, we grew up too, and I for instance, has discovered that I like blue and black too, and green is okay and brown is not that bad either, BUT, red will always top the other colours.

Well, colour experts argue that red highly symbolizes ambitiousness, passion, attention, daring, strong, patriotic and outstanding. So I believe what colour you like, to a certain extend, speaks for yourself. In fact, red-lovers view the colour red as so prominent, that we can spend hours to talk about the colour red itself.

Consider this (all three colours were carefully chosen so that they all 'stand out' equally against the black backdrop of this blog. Of course, I can't choose white, the exact opposite of black, or else it wouldn't be fair):

I like blue.
I like red.
I like orange.

Of all the three, which do you think strikes your eyes as more dominant? Red, isn't it? (That's what I think, and I found it hard to believe if you don't think like that hahaha. But yeah, if you see that orange or the blue as more striking, please let me know. I'd love to learn new perspectives on how other people view other colours too ;) ).

Scientifically, of all the 64 million colours in the world, shades of red has the shortest wavelength. Which means, if all 64 million colours of similar intensity were displayed right in front of you, the colour red will take the shortest time to reach your eyes, and it will tend to stay longer on your retina cells. I find that amazing, you know, given that we are talking about 64 million colours here.

But then again, to be fair, not everyone has that kind of attitude in life. Some are more relaxed and laid back (blue-lovers), some tend to be more peaceful in their mind (green-lovers) and some likes purity (white-lovers). But still, most red-lovers will go like, Hmm, but why not red?

What come to your mind when I say; World's most popular sports car? Or, English Premier League's most talked-about football club? If you think Ferrari and Manchester United, like I do, well they're RED. Of course, there are always exception in every scenarios, so let's not argue to much on this.

But yeah, it's a free world, and all colours are beautiful. It'd be boring too if everyone likes red. So I guess it's good that the variations in humanity are exposed through colours too.

(But still, how come you don't like red?)

Sunday, December 07, 2008



Happiness deep down within,
Serenity with each sunrise,
Success in each facet of your life,
Family beside you,
Close and caring friends,
Health, inside you,
Love that never ends,
Special memories of all the yesterdays,
A bright today with much to be thankful for,
A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows,
Dreams that do their best to come true,
Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.

Alhamdulillah, my utmost gratitude to Allah, for He has blessed me with the abilities to go through this stage of my life, this stage in The University of Sydney. Now that I've met all the grades requirements, I am just going to complete the remaining days here with optimism and grace. With or without Honours, I will leave that to Allah to decide, for He know what is best for me. I won't worry myself on the Honours issue, as that may make me forget that I have indeed, plenty to be thankful for. Once again, I am thankful to Allah, Alhamdulillah.

Muhammad HAMID
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
The University of Sydney
Class of 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008

It's December...Again.

well, lip lap lip lap, here we are it's December again. December is something you know, it's the month that signifies an end to yet another chapter, and of course it's the month when in Sydney all you will naturally plan to do is hoard more moolah, or trickle down to more new places, not worrying about assignments and better still, just do nothing while the time completes a dual-lap around the clock.

A lot of things has happened since I last wrote in here, well, given the fact that I've not been updating it for around 5 weeks, it's only natural to say, yet again, to say "a lot has happened" (yes, I have an eventful life, it's not boring and fabulous would be best used to describe it).

I submitted my thesis with Joe around November 6th, had a heavenly 2 weeks of nothingness (not exactly nothingness; waking up late, movie ultra-marathon, Sydney's indie cafes and taking a break from my cleaning shifts, whilst taking my own god-damned sweet time reading the two chapters for the IR&M Paper). Yeah, one of the perks of being a final year stud.

After the FINALest exam (and the only exam paper I had this semester), which was on the November 19th, I pretty much spent the time trying to look for a second job, on top of the cleaning job, just so you know, I can do another jalan-jalan Australia. But now that I've landed a job as a waiter with Cafe Kasturi (how cliche and normal, I know), with the cleaning job, I'm starting to become half-hearted about the trip. I mean, if travelling around Australia in a Greyhound coach requires me to enslave myself to about 8-9 hours of waitering and cleaning shifts, well, let's just say I'm not strong enough and not up to the challenge (simpler terms; aku penat nak kerja gila babi hanya untuk kumpul duit untuk berjalan...wtf).

Anyway, my final results will be out soon. I'm still leaning my hope towards Allah's mercy and endearment for a good overall results, with at least an Honours mark. And oh, I've been paying a visit to the gym almost everyday now, hoping to toned up my body, maxed up my weight (not maxed up, I'm talking about a 75 kilos weight for a 175cm height...PERFECT BMI) and to appear more attractive to a wider range of female.

To top up the crappyness of this post, here's my wish list for this December:
1. A final WAM mark that would at least qualify me for an Honours Upper Division 2.
2. The perseverance and determination to collect as much money as I can through cleaning and waitering jobs.
3. A month-long trip around the continent.
4. Nudie skinny jeans and the Stussy tool bag.
5. There's more I'm sure, just can't squeeze it out my mind.

And to Idzani Bidzani Cidzani...Zidzani, have a safe train ride to Melbourne. Masa untuk ber-indie!