Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Wanna Grow Old With You

I've actually forgotten that I own a blog, until I saw the word "Bygones" in a song lyric, and I went like, "Hey! I used to write in that!" (???).

Since i'll probably forget for another 5 months about the existence of this piece of skinny little thing, might as well I list down what has happened to me for the past 6-7 months, just so that friends could keep track with me and not removing me from their facebook friends' list. Hello friend!

1. I worked in Doha, and resigned. With no contributions, I still scraped one hell of a good pay slip.
2. Joined Petronas Induction, PIPE and it became the highlight of this year. My highlights are never real, so just ignore this point.
3. Moved to Miri and officially became a Malaysian workforce at PETRONAS Carigali Sarawak Operations.
4. Bought a used car (not telling you what model, MUNGKIN sebab malu), and rented a four-bedroom double storey terrace house with 3 other housemates.
5. Have been receiving 4 pay slips so far. But since I was obligated to give duit raya this year, make it 3 payslips lah.
6. Bought a 15.4 inch-screen MacBook Pro!
7. Bought an iPod Touch.
8. Got a new semi SLR camera, Canon G10 (Hey don't hate me yet).
9. Climbed to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (4095m above sea level)
10. Met 2 new possible bestfriends and some other cool people (but I'm way cooler, no doubt there).
11. Fell in love in Sandakan.
12. Warded in the hospital. Twice.
13. Made myself popular in Miri's Cherry Berrie and alFresco. And OH! Definitely in SOHO too.
14. Received my graduation scroll!
15. My external hard drive crashed, there goes all my photos and videos (if you feel me, please donate some money).
16. Got OVER Sydney. My BIGGEST achievement.

And no, I don't wanna grow old with you.