Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Memories of Your Kiss

Memories are funny you know. It's one of the thing that makes you smile to yourself all of a sudden while you're driving your old Iswara alone, or makes you suddenly run faster on the treadmill when you thought the speed of 13.7 could have drained out all the energy inside you, or makes you stop in the middle of a meal because you need to browse through old phone texts just to help you to relive certain memories again. 

But most importantly, my memories have given me the urge and strength to actually carry on moving forward, and in a weird way, they sometimes propel me further than the thought of my hopes, or ambitions.

Oh, now you know why I found it to be so hard to delete phone texts.

I once read that memories are one's only paradise in this world. The kind of paradise where one can never be kicked out from. That's real deep. Try reading the quote with the song 'Already Gone' by Kelly Clarkson, and you might as well be on your way dialing me for crying tissues.

But the truth is, I seldom know on how lucky and great my life at any given moments are. I only start appreciating them after they've turned into memories. Sometimes when I'm having my time alone, and I remembered all the nice things I've encountered, I feel like a certain pain is surging my chest, and it's a feeling that mixes both pain and contentment. But overall, it's a good feeling and I want to experience that often. But I'm forgetting more and more pretty moments in my life, and that scares the hell out of me. 

Sometimes, among the stuff that can really take your breath away is simply a memory of a seemingly ordinary event in the past. Then you started recalling it in a deeper sense, and that's when you realize that some unseen forces have just plucked the beat in your heart, and that is when your breath is taken away.

Wow 10 points to me for rambling, and yeah 10 points for you if you understood me.

To the people who has always been with me throughout my life, or at a specific point in my life, trust me, you are forever thanked an cherished. I know it is virtually impossible to keep in touch with everyone I've met, but it is certainly possible to at least keep you in my memories. Because you are all worth it.

Signing out.