Monday, March 15, 2010


Sometimes I wonder on whether have I actually own up to my life? Do I really take 100% responsibilities of my life? Most people I met claimed they do; except that they haven't given up on blaming and excuses are always around the corner. Of course, the same goes to me.

From this day on, I will own up to my life. I am holding the remote control of my life. I won't blame other people, or my boss, or the technical clerk, or the hangover, or the building's broken AC system, or the cat, or the weather, or my past, or that rude driver, or the food, or that leak on the ceiling downstairs. I don't control these elements, but I definitely can control my response, attitude and choices towards them. I am the force.

General Wesley Clark once said and I quote "It doesn't take any more energy to create big dreams, than to create a little one". Thank you General, you give me hope (GMH). So from now on, I will dream big and I am writing those dreams down and I will review them often. It's time to get my brain and my subconscious mind working towards them.

I won't sabotage my dreams anymore. I've always wanted a Duplex in the middle of KL by the time I'm 30, and I know that a duplex located in the city could easily shot up a million Ringgit. However, I will keep dreaming about it, and find ways within my values to achieve them. I won't sabotage myself by saying "Don't kid yourself. How on earth are you going to afford a mortgage that high 7 years from now?!". I won't say that to myself anymore. I am restructuring my vibe and aura into a positive light. I deserve to have everything in my life exactly the way I want it.

From now on, I will dedicate my days into enriching and empowering my life in these 8 categories:
1. My career progression.
2. My financial well-being.
3. My relationships with family and friends that matter.
4. My religion, and faith towards Allah.
5. My health and fitness.
6. My leisure time and my favourite activities.
7. My personal goals and self development.
8. The environment and the community I belong to. 

Thank you Allah. Thank you Jack Canfield.