Wednesday, April 07, 2010


i have been wondering what my alter-ego is like.

would it be someone who enjoys the colour red and sipping good drink while buried in contemporary pop melody, and wears skinny jeans for self-esteem enhancement and views traveling as a void-filler?

and someone who doesn't realize that they're happy, and at the same time has trouble getting up early and they were made complete with a poor hands-eye coordination?

oh, wait... that's me.

i want to be more career-oriented. i want to own a brand new car. i want a duplex before i turn 30. i want financial freedom before i turn 30, too. i want to be excellent in squash. and volleyball. i want to dance and sing well. i want to do a south east asia on a shoestring when i'm 26. and i don't need an alter-ego.

and yes, i am commitment-phobic (sorry ter-perasan macam orang putih pulak).

Monday, April 05, 2010

it's byron bay. not an ashtray

ok usually non-smokers are more 'allowed' to point out the certain do(s) and don't(s) to us, fellow smokers. but that's unfair. why is it that it is generally unacceptable for smokers to take up the noble position once in a while and do the same?

yes i know, i too, for instance violate my lungs.  i also, painfully attack my bodily cells, and your esophagus and those nasal passages with my perverted and disgusting public pollution and yes, they're not right. i terrorize my body and i am not much better than a rapist. until i come to my senses, i am the enemy. 

yes, i've been told all these stuff before. i will deal with all that later.

but seriously, to my smokers friends; it bothers me to see that quite a number of people so easily toss their cigarettes butts around. the most confusing part is when the dedicated ashtray is just 2.5 feet away, and i still see the butts being flipped and pitched and thrashed onto the ground.

to smoke is one thing, and to act as if the ground is your butts' bin... well, that's quite another.

maybe you can... i don't know, throw the butts in where they're supposed to be in (ashtray)? or if there's no ashtray, maybe you can put them back in the cigarette box? or leave them first in your car? or ensure that the butts are completely fired out and wrap them in a, well let's say tissue paper and put it in your pockets first? baru lah civilized kan? ;)

don't litter the earth with your cigarettes butts. it's not cool :) 
our earth is, well, our earth. it's not an ashtray. 

ok now i've annoyed some of you. sorry eh? :)

ps: but really, what's the point of writing if i don't annoy some people once in a while?

i want to de-stress you

50 Ways to Combat Stress. Hah! Life is Cute ;)

1. Get up 15 minutes earlier.
2. Prepare for the morning the night before.
3. Don't rely on your memories... write things down.
4. Repair things that don't work properly.
5. Make duplicate keys.
6. Say 'No' more often (not the attitudinal 'NO!').
7. Set priorities in your life.
8. Avoid negative people.
9. Always make copies of important papers.
10. Ask for help with jobs you dislike.
11. break large tasks into bite-sized portions.
12. Look at problems as challenges.
13. Smile more :)
14. be prepared for the rain. They can sometimes be bitchy, can't they?
15. Schedule a play time into everyday.
16. Avoid tight fitting clothes.
17. Take a bubble bath.
18. Believe in you. 
19. Visualize yourself winning.
20. Develop a sense of humour.
21. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day.
22. Have goals for yourself.
23. Say hello to a stranger.
24. Look up at the stars.
25. Practise breathing slowly.
26. Do brand new things.
27. Stop a bad habit.
28. Take stock of your achievements.
29. Do it today.
30. Strive for excellence, NOT perfection.
31. Look at a work of art.
32. Maintain your weight.
33. Plant a tree.
34. Stand up and stretch.
35. Always have a Plan B.
36. Learn a new doodle.
37. Learn to meet your own needs.
38. Become a better listener.
39. Know your limitations, and let others know them too.
40. Throw a paper airplane.
41. Exercise every day.
42. get to work early.
43. Clean out your closet.
44. Take a different route to work.
45. Leave work early (with permission).
46. Remember that you always have options.
47. Quit trying to "fix" other people.
48. Get enough sleep.
49. Praise other people.
50. Relax, take each day at a time... You have the rest of your life to live.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


this is how the universe works. everyone you meet seems normal, until you finally get to know them. then only they seem not so normal anymore. they also wonder who else in this world are as different, or as abnormal as they are. you will even start to see that they too, have a long journey that they will have to venture through alone all their life. but i am fine with that. in fact, i love the truths this fact holds. 

and oh, another thing about how the universe works. at the end of the day, you will get paid by what you do, not by what you know. 

i think i'm turning the sipping grande hot caramel latte into a weekly agenda. of course, to be accompanied by the red book, just so that i have something to turn to whenever i feel the passers-by are no longer worth the watch. and also, to be accompanied by the week's music. and of course, the weird stares from other generally 23 or 22 year olds who think i am friendless.

i've longed for another family trip. however i might not be able to join them to Europe this coming July. Good for my eldest brother, I hope he will finally get to see Old Trafford Stadium first hand. however, i must be in London in October to see my sister graduates. she deserves the graduation flower more than anyone else i know. happy birthday to my eldest brother by the way.

some people i know are more comfortable with old problems, rather than with new solutions. aren't they aware of the fact that most, if not all, progress has resulted from people who takes up the unpopular positions and beliefs? 

this is how it works in the office; first they will ignore you, then they will think that you are out of your mind, then you hear people associating you with the word 'dangerous'... and then all of a sudden, there's this tiny pause and the next second, you can't find anyone who disagrees with you. 

with reference to my weekend; i don't expect them to understand me. why? because i know that we are so different, there's no way in hell they will ever get me. to them i am a confused little chap. but if they take the effort to dig deeper, they will find it that i am actually not bothered by what society thinks and i am laughing inside me at the thought of how small their worlds are. sorry, i just had to get that out of my system. 

and Dirah, i have missed you a lot. i still think that i can live without you. but that'd be very, very, VERY difficult. errr, is that sweet enough?

some of people of whom i've thought about a lot these days. apesal lah semua kene duduk jauh2 now? dang!

tomorrow signals the start of a brand new week. well, that's another story i'd say.