Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want to watch ATB's concert!

I wouldn't have thought that I would one day say this; but I really find it to be an utmost and true struggle to keep a friendly and nice face whenever I'm talking to someone whom I can't stand at work.

I think what actually strained the relationship is due to unclear expectations that we have of each other. To one person I am just an overly lazy complacent bastard, and to me they're just slightly below that par that earns them the label "melancholic perfectionist".

And now I can slightly comprehend why people don't build personal relationships too much with their workmates in the office. Sometimes, talking numbers and meetings and datelines for an entire 30 years of working is just much safer and more convenient than actually taking off your guards and step into someone else's personal territory... Or worse, let them into yours.

But I'm kinda okay with that, I prefer to be known from a distance after all. It's just less hazardous.

I'm getting a new car in a few months time, and with a more reliable one, I'd be able to travel and have more road trips around Sarawak during any long weekends. The thought of doing that soothes me, as if a warm comforting fluid is harmonizing my entire body. It's like I am back to be acquainted with the old 'me'.

And I think that my writing skill is ridiculously deteriorating. And it scares the hell out of me. Seriously, what is a human, if one doesn't or can't write?

(No offense with the previous statement). You know deep inside I love you.

A few more weeks before someone leaves me (temporarily maybe, or for permanent). But that's alright, I've been through this before... What's another one, right?

(don't blame my sentimental ego, blame the rain outside).