Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The fastest way to recovery starts with the dare to admit.

You have to admit that you have not been spending wisely. You have to admit that you have not been delivering. You have to admit that you have been fair to everyone. You have to admit that you have been distancing yourself from your family. You have to admit that you are hurt.

OMGITRHIFTBL? (Please help me to crack this code).

I need to stop planning and just start living. A second of it even... feels so much better. Imagine everyday course to be exactly just like that. Life is actually a bliss you know.

Monday, July 19, 2010

As much as you don't want to see they leave, there are other people who can't wait for their arrival - on the other side of the map. Not that you need my approval, but as of now I am willing to let you go. Because I don't want to be selfish.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20 Random Things About Me

Just because I am in the mood to be a bit self-absorbed, and also because I like to pretend that other people are dying to know more about me ;)

1. I have trouble waking up in the morning. I always miss my Subuh prayers and I come to office about 30minutes - 1 hour late (95% of the time). But I really hope to change on this.

2. Unlike many other males, I don't really follow soccer/football. This is one thing that I wish I can change about myself and I tried. But at the end of the day, I just couldn't be bothered.

3. I love traveling. One of my dream is to be able to take an unpaid leave for 365days and use up the entire year traveling the world. On a minimum budget.

4. I share my knowledge and I love doing so. In fact, I couldn't stand people who are kedekut ilmu.

5. I am not very attached to people. I am only truly attached to my nucleus family and my one best friend for the past 12 years.

6. I am a good conversationalist. In fact, I don't understand some people who doesn't know how to spark/create conversations.

7. I truly believe in the inner beauty of a person. This may seem like a lie to all of my friends as I didn't project myself and my behaviours parallel to what I just said, but it's true. To me, beauty is skin deep.

8. I enjoy writing and reading since I was young. I tend to do these 2 effortlessly.

9. I have had long-term major crush on 6 girls altogether in my entire life so far. But I only truly loved one of them.

10. I day dream a lot, especially while driving. I can't quite call it a day if I haven't daydream yet.

11. I always feel that I can do more. This is the major cause of my rocketing stress level these days.

12. Although I am no longer able to play the clarinet and can only play around 5-6 songs on the guitar, I am actually very inclined to music. I hear melody almost wherever I go to.

13. People have always said that I am self-absorbed. But the truth is, I actually put other people's needs ahead of mine most of the times. And I try hard not to hurt their feelings.

14. I care about the environment to a certain high extend.

15. I love languages. In fact I am trying to be able to speak and write and listen well in French and Spanish.

16. I am not a stylish person. But I believe that the kind of clothes that I put on are the best/most suitable for me there is in the market.

17. I love dancing. But I don't dance well.

18. I am a sucker for quotes. I often find myself surfing the net to find inspiring quotes. They help me to move forward.

19. Whenever I am stress, I drive.

20. I prefer to be known from a distance. I feel that the closer someone is to me, the higher the risk of them not liking me due to my many flaws.

Monday, July 12, 2010

such great heights, aren't they?

Have I told you that I can spend literally hours and hours on the web to just surf some random strangers' blog? I'd be glued to their writings for days in fact, leaving a bookmark on my browser (temporarily of course) and reading all their entries with great interest.

And after a while I'd have learned that, for example, she owns a law firm and her bestfriends are called Tia and Mush and she splurges her money at Delicious for an expensive lunch thrice weekly and her favourite nephew is the two-year old Iqmal and she still lives with her parents and she always wear baju batik for hari raya and stuff.

Then, after feeling that I've known her well enough, I'll hop on to another blog that I find interesting and waste another gazillion hours there.

Had I used all those hours to actually read French... well, I could have watched Ma Vie En Rose without subtitles by now, I suppose.

Oh yes, Delicious really is a good dining place. I can imagine myself working in KL and having lunch there with my friends. Life feels so breezy.

Thank you Erna and Hilmi. I enjoy spending time with the two of you and hopefully we'll be good friends for a long time to come. Now Miri feels a bit like home to me, thank you.

Not that I care much, but I hope Spain wins the world cup final today. Viva El Espana! As one of my friend funnily puts it" no SPAIN no gain!"... (isn't that hilarious? hahaha!)

Friday, July 09, 2010

L is for the way you look at me!

i think you will know what i mean if i tell you that love is worth nothing until it's tested by its own defeat. i felt i was being asked to love without being afraid of the consequences. i realized that love, even if it ends in defeat, gives you a kind of honour. but without love, you have no honour at all.

Just posting back one of my favourite quotes of all time. (Jiwang nyee akuuu....)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

You'll be in my heart

Dirah recommended me a song by Usher - You'll Be In My Heart (a remixed of the Tarzan OST). I couldn't get enough of it, hence the post's title.

I hate to say time flies, but it has been slightly more than a year that I have worked in Petronas and lived in Miri. I guess this is it now, my student life is truly over. Just over. I still have a hang of it of course, being one of the best times and highlights of my life, but life is not quite life if you don't fill it with good memories that don't last forever. It teaches you to be tough, and makes you embrace the beauty of moving on and letting go.

I am curious of what is next for me, I pray to Allah for the best. I am scared of being average, to tell you the truth.

But who doesn't, right?