Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nova Scotia sounds classy, no?

Warning: This will be a very anger-stricken and emotionally driven post. At least that's how I feel this post will translate to.

1. If you dislike angry, sad and somewhat whiny post, then this post is not for you to read and it would be good if you can hop on to another page at this instant.
2. If you feel that you don't have what it takes to not judge, or ridicule or then look at me as being nothing more than an immature and whiny overaged baby after reading this post, then this post is not for you too.

Lately, I have been saying my thank you to Allah less often, and all I do is complain and find faults within other people. Maybe not just other people, but I find faults with absolutely everything my currently deflated mind can think of. And I do mean everything.

I seem to have successfully reserve a large bank of hatred towards everything as well, and it's driving me nuts. I don't know why suddenly I hate all of the world and its contents, but these days (more than ever) all I can think of is how rude people are, how narrow their minds are, how they don't know what they're saying, and how horrendously ugly something appeared to be, how boringly dead of a place my hometown is, how annoying the traffic is etc etc etc. trust me, the list wont stop.

And I'm starting to think that maybe, maybe I am not happy. I really am the kind of person who doesn't waste my waking hours 'searching for happiness', as I prefer to let myself just pass by the moment and remember what I want and ditch what I don't. To me, trying to measure your level is happiness is absurd, too philanthropic and is best reserved for someone who looks at themselves as artistes. I mean, 'artistes'. All these while, I believe the happiest of all people are those who just don't meddle too much in the 'searching for happiness' agenda, and they're happy without they realizing it. And that's exactly why all kids are generally happy.

But lately, I am starting to reflect a bit too much, and I have learned on how to look at myself from external point of views, and that is one damned skill that I swear I never should have acquired... because it does nothing and only lets me know how actually miserable, complicated, uneventful, plain and unoriginal my life is. And I got tangled up even worse in my quest trying to brush off all this thoughts.

Maybe it's the stress of work, I don't know. In fact, I don't think so because my nature of work is not that of a stress one, honestly... this is where this post ends because I am just not in the mood to continue writing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Malaysia Day

I still firmly believe that to materialize further the spirit of 1Malaysia, our country's birthday should be finalized as to be either 31st August 1957 (National Day) OR 16th September 1963 (Malaysia Day). It's going to be a whole let more unified, a whole lot more consistent and less time consumed with all the debates being kicked around, if we also can collectively agree on the age of our country Malaysia, are we 53? Or are we 47 years old?

I am also strongly inclined towards the sudden burst of explanations that side on 16th September 1963. If my citizenly opinion is counted (and one day I will demand it to be after I cast my vote and finally paying 'real' tax), Malaysia Day/National Day is on 16th September of every year. National Day, the term some people still blatantly refuse to let go, will not be truly reflective if we consider it to be on 31st August of every year. Better still, we should only use either Malaysia Day OR National Day, as two names residing on two different dates is another confusion that we just do not need.

31st August of course, will never be forgotten, and I am not suggesting any diminishing effect on its importance. It still is a day that brought people all over the Tanah Melayu together to take a patriotic walk down memory lane and delve into deep pensive on how our forefathers struggled and bled themselves dry to gain Independence.

Sabah and Sarawak gained their Independence on 31st August 1961, and this fact is unknown to so many Malaysians, and it doesn't cross the mind of the people in peninsular that this might offend the Sabahans and the Sarawakians. This also means that deeming Malaysia as a 53 year old independent country is also technically incorrect, as Sabah and Sarawak are two years younger.

Although eventually 31st August of both 1957 and 1963 were the Independence dates, but 31st August as a date does not sufficiently reflect the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

1Malaysia should be remembered based on the date when more than 60 ethnics at that time have decided to look past religion differences, skin colours, cultural practices, socio-economical backgrounds etc, and to unite under the name of Malaysia, hoping for collective betterment for everyone. And that decision was made official on 16th September 1963. And that also means Malaysia is 47 years old (and 53 years old is only indicative to Peninsular Malaysia/Tanah Melayu).

Just to let you know my 2cents. Cheers :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Eid Fitr

Tomorrow will be our last day fasting in Ramadhan, insya Allah. Hence in the spirit of welcoming the joyous month of Syawal, and in all triumphant tone that I could offer to Muslims who succeeded in keeping their morale high throughout Ramadhan; overcoming temptations and allocating more time to retire to a state of mind in remembrance of Allah more, I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Here's to your victorious month of Ramadhan (I don't count myself as having a victorious Ramadhan, but to the rest anyways), here's to spending more time with your loved ones and here's to rekindling the fading or withering relationships with families and friends, and of course, here's to the spirit of Raya.

More importantly, I would like to sincerely apologize everyone (that may be reading this) should I have wronged you in ways more than one. It was never my intention to hurt you, and I do hope you can forgive me as I have you.

I am not perfect; I realize that sometimes I can be a bit too rude, or too candid. Or sometimes my mouth uttered words that I wish it hadn't. Or sometimes my actions may have caused pain to you in obvious ways. or ways that human can't quite explain. Or sometimes I didn't deliver as what I have promised. For all that, I am truly sorry. Your forgiveness is what I seek, and they're what I direly need.

Have a blessed Eid again everyone, and do take care of yourselves.

Monday, September 06, 2010


mocking them and thinking you're better is pathetic enough.

and not getting your texts replied by the girl whom you thought you've snatched from a friend is even more pathetic, beyond any description.

hanky panky in clubs is so 21. you're better than that. i won't give any uptake on morals (since I lacked in them, too), but you have got to have some class.

typos are annoying. it's actually a surface indication on just how really messed up your life and mind are.

i think everyone in their working ages sure does agree that paying off credit cards' debts is a highly prioritized goal. an even higher goal would be to be debt-free.

she abandoned me right after i cut my hair short. i can tell that.

and please don't announce every damned thing about your life on facebook statuses.

btw, i'm following katy lim li lian's facebook now.