Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I certainly hope you will care much when I saw that I finally have my braces on. I totally hear you when you say at the top of your head that I don't need it. It's true, apart from the slight, but obvious, 'twitch' that I have on two of my front teeth of the lower gum, the rest of my teeth are actually okay, they're aligned and if it isn't of their yellowish shade, I sure am damn proud of my sets of teeth.

But it's the 'twitch' that makes me unsettled about the whole business, especially on how powerful it is in transforming my smile into an immediate frown every time I flashed my smile in front of a mirror. And sure enough, I decided to do something about it and hence, the braces.

I must say it feels very uncomfortable and it isn't as glamorous as we thought it'd be back in school upon seeing our other classmates having it on. I haven't had any proper enjoyment of meals for the past 4 to 5 days, and every strand of my meal seemed to have manage to leave something to dangle between those brackets and wires in my mouth.

I wouldn't expect myself to say this one day; but now that every ounce of food in my mouth had to be sent straight to the throat (and later resulted in indigestion) simply because I am not able to chop and slice them off with my teeth into smaller pieces, I really think one of the greatest pleasure of life is actually being able to properly bite, chew and actually taste the food you are consuming.

I had a 500-days plan journey to embark on, and the journey will start on the first day of the braces being put on inside my mouth ( I reckon all these brackets will be inside my mouth for 500 days, tops). This 500-days plan covers all 12 aspects within my life, and I have set gradual improvement stages throughout the 500 days as many milestones that will eventually lead to my goals around this 12 aspects.

In short, after 500 days, I will be an improved version of 'me'. This braces is sort of now acting like a sand watch for me as to always reconcile with the nature of these 500 days (apart from correcting my 'twitch'). After 500 days, off go the braces (in with the new perfect smile) and also all 12 goals are achieved, insya Allah.

And by that time too, I will get my transfer letter back to KL, insya Allah. AMIIIINNNN!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

even brighter than the moon...

I really have no clue on why many bloggers ended their posts with a footnote that tells the readers on what song they were listening to while they were conjuring up that particular post.

No, don't worry as I am not about to bitch-mouth these people, because I happen to be in a quite delighted mood now, thank you very much.

As a matter of fact, I am amused by such practice and I kinda think it's actually cool. It's cool because you can either let your readers interject an emotion while reading your posts, hence understanding them better. Or probably because it's a way to let people know what you truly feel inside, when all the 8 paragraphs prior to that have failed you. Or maybe it's cool because it's simply a subtle way of letting other blog-hoppers know that you are one of those lucky few who has an invariably preeminent and exemplary choice of songs (uuuuhh, look at me... I'm listening to songs so indie that no one has ever even heard of it... UUUUUHHHHH, I bet you wonder where I downloaded all these 'rare' songs uuuuhhhhh...).

Anyway, as cool as it is to attach a footnote with the title of the song that blasted through you, I can never pull off such practice. I tried to, for once (as you can see in my posts within 2006/2007... aaah, amateur years), but I felt that it was pretentious and very unoriginal.

Primary reason being simply because I am not able to tune my ears into listening to other songs when a specific song has captured my attention. I am those unfortunate few who helplessly fall in love with a single song at any one point in my life and just do not know how to let loose and give it a break. (Other than that, I just can't listen to music while I'm trying to creative-write. They murder my ideas).

If I really were to adhere to such requirement, the footnote that says "I'm listening to Train's Hey Soul Sister" would be there for as long as 14 different posts for an entire 14 days. Or "I'm listening to Katy Perry's Fireworks" would be a default footnote for more than 20 posts straight. Or worse, "I'm listening to David Guetta's Club Can't Handle Me", for as long as 74 days! Or maybe 75.

Oh my God, I am pathetic.

By the way, I am embarking on my 500-days plan. It's a plan that has been established as a route for me to be come the new and better and improved 'me'. This, is something that I will have to explain on my next post because as of now I am just too tired and all I wanna do is crawl under my blanket. Well, not literally since I don't blanket myself while I'm asleep.

I love my Mum. Sometimes, I don't know what I'd do without her. One day, she will ask me. And when she does, I will tell.

Good night people, I'm off to a shower and bed. But before that, a dose of cigarette and Guetta's Club Can't Handle Me seems justifiable.

(Oh my God, I really AM pathetic).