Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i left you outside.

it's amazing how a human can create strong bonds with another person through a simple common ground. i believe that you shouldn't be too strict on who your friends are. but you definitely need to be strict on whom you choose to trust.

it's a bit sad, but I have only discovered that the things that are worth doing in your life, are usually the things that are difficult to do. it took me 25 bloody years to actually fathom and digest that concept.

i spent an average 1 hour per day browsing beautiful people's blog or personal webpage, up to a point that i can tell what's their full name, who are their bestfriends, which restaurants they usually frequent to and what sort of pet do they have. i don't think i'm a stalker, i'm just one of those fortunate people who knows my way around the net.

it's disgusting how some people you know added you in facebook, and then removed you from their friends' list over a small argument. what's even more disgusting is people who doesn't know how to be humble and utter 'i'm sorry'. they're pathetic, and i'm glad in not connected with you through facebook anymore (hey, facebook is a big deal ok!).

i am only updating my blog tonight because it's tuesday, and i know that you read my blog every tuesday :) i love you.

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