Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stick-On Notes

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January 2013

A new post for a new year. 2013, I pray I can rock you, just like how you will rock me (in a good way, please).

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential" - Winston Churchill.

My axe has been very the blunt in the previous year. So, how do I sharpen it back (an excerpt from an article that I read recently):

1. Read a book everyday (I will aim to finish reading at least 6 books yearly - 1 book for every 2 months). 
2. Get out of your comfort zone by changing roles or jobs. A new job/role forces you to learn (I will focus on getting my transfer and obtaining a new position in Strategic Planning Division). 
3. Have a deep conversation with someone (I'm not wrried about this, I have plenty of highly quality friends that do this with me). 
4. Pick up a new hobby. Stretch yourself physically, mentally or emotionally (I shall pick up tennis at where I left it).
5. Study something new (I will restudy French. A third language is all I need now). 
6. Overcome a specific fear you have, or quit a bad habit (I will focus on consuming less than 5 sticks of ciggarettes a day).
7. Have a daily exercise routine or take part in some competition (I will maintain my ideal body weight at 70 kgs, with less than 20% body fat - 3 times a week of gym will do this). 
8. Identify your blind spots. Understand, acknowledge and address it.
9. Ask for feedback and get a mentor (I am already very good at this). 
10. Learn from people who inspire you (I am kind of already very good at this, too). 

I shouldn't be listing down too many. Might breakdown again in the process of doing all of them. LOL. Have a good evening peeps, and enjoy your weekend wisely :) i love you all.